Page 24 - A Little Visit with Ashley MacIsaac's Parents
ISSUE : Issue 72
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1
Lisa Maclsaac, fiddler genes at all, I think that has something to do with it. But I read an article not so long ago in a maga? zine in Toronto in the airport--I bought the maga? zine. ... I just don't remember what magazine it was, Maclean's or not. i But anyway, on the ;outside of the mag- :azine it mentioned ; music and children i that become good I musicians. And in it it said some? thing that I was always thinking. I was really happy to get it, and I read it. And what it said was that there are parts of your brain that pick up music. And when you're very young, up to three years old--and especially be? fore you're three years old --but up till you're twelve years old, but especially be? fore you're three--if you're exposed to a lot of music then, you are twice as liable--or many times as liable, apparently--to become a musi? cian. And to really get into music. Because ? ?? Aulo Parts Phis SAF-WAY AUTO PARTS UMITED lAUTOMOTIVE - INDUSTRIAL BODY SHOP SUPPLIES SYDNEY 361 GEORGE NEW WATERFORD 45610THST. 539-99701862-6491 539-0707 Fax 539-9741 1-800-565-5044 We buy & sell new & used CDs ffljjuiii m UV 326 Charlotte St., Sydney, N.S. BlP 1C8 (located next to McKnights...across from Globalville) 902-562-55CD '' Best Selection of Atlantic Canadian Music in Cape Breton. '' these same parts of your brain fill up with something else. But they are the parts that will real? ly absorb it up until you're three years old ''#f'' -f'*l;'4ni% liiiiip iiiiiiii*''" People are al? ways saying, "Oh well, so- and-so's chil? dren are going to be musicians because music is in them." That may be partly correct. But it's not all from that, it's other points--that they're exposed to so much of it when they're so young. Carmelita: And Ashley was exposed to a lot of music. We never said, "You sit down and f UNITED FARMERS CO-OP )CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED ~ Bird feeders, sunflower seed, wild bird seed ~ Pet supplies, i.e., coiiars, leads, pet taxi & much more ~ Pet food (Propet, Big Red, Technical, lams, Firstmate) ~ Garden & farm tools, hay, straw, shavings & much more ~ Good selection of work wear ~ Wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, rototillers, lime, fertilizer, grass seed, etc. VISA • MASTERCARD • INTERAC 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday-Saturday 564-8134 • 502 Keltic Drive, Sydney, N.S. B1P 6H3 DON'T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT US! • LOCAL • LONG DISTANCE • OVERSEAS LARGE OR SMALL - WE MOVE IT ALL MOFFATT Moving & Storage SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY & INSURED CALL THE PROFESSIONALS • OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE Financing Available O. A, C. 30- to 90-Day Interest Free VISA / Mastercard on Long Distance • 1-800-267-6885 I FREE ESTIMATES 490 GATEWAY '' POINT EDWARD 'Sft' r"'t' 'A/%' Weekends & After Hours 'j' Atlnv Kfi'-n''' 564-0963/562-1978 '' '"' '''''m 'Jmm'mmm FAX 564-6865 VAN LINES / AGENT
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