Page 27 - A Little Visit with Ashley MacIsaac's Parents
ISSUE : Issue 72
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1
heartbroken because they didn't--you know. And I know myself--well, it was me, actu? ally, that wanted them to go. Angus proba? bly would never want them to go to a com? petition, but I thought it'd be great. "Let • s go," and it's a weekend out. They enjoyed it. But still, I would never, ev? er, ever force anyone to put their child into competition. No. I think it's hard on them. I really do. No matter how good of a fiddler they are, I think it is hard on them. I was a nervous wreck in the--well, I was so nerved up and worked up that I couldn't wait for it to get over. Probably worse than they were. (Do you have any role in encouraging cer? tain tunes that Ashley and Lisa play? ) Angus: Not really. I like to see them play all different types of music. I remember a good friend in Judique here, Buddy MacMas? ter, had been asked, "Who is the best fid? dler in Cape Breton?" He wouldn't answer because Buddy was too much of a gentleman to make a statement like that. He would never say that one fiddler was better than the other. And they kept probing him and prob? ing him and finally he says, "Well," he says, "there are a lot of great fiddlers left in the woodwork that I never heard." He was a clever.... And then the gentleman kept after him and after him and after him, and then he said, "Well, you know, it's hard to judge fiddling," he says. "One person might be good at waltzes, and somebody else better at jigs and reels, and somebody else on strathspeys. So," he said, "you just don't say one is better than the other." But he would never have it said in the first place that he said one was better than the other. So, I liked Ash? ley to play all kinds. And, of course, my PULL OVER AT Le Gabriel Restaturant! When touring the Cabot Trail, you'll enjoy your stop in Cheticamp. It is a friendly village with strong Acadian traditions. While in Cheticamp, why not enjoy a meal at Le Gabriel? We offer xmsurpassed Acadian hospitality and cuisine. The dining room We offer seating for 125 people, and many traditional dishes. As well, you might dine on fresh local seafood, sizzling steaks, fresh baked bread and sinfully delicious desserts. Best entertainment for miles arotind Le Gabriel would like to invite you to visit our great hall, for the best in local entertainment! Tuesday: Square Dancing & Fiddling Wed., Thur., Fri., Sat.: Popular Music Saturday & Sunday: Fiddling We offer full lounge service, and the best entertainment for miles aroimd. fully licensed service air conditioning U. S. currency accepted ','''1'' !t! Le Gabriel P.O. Box316 Cheticamp, Nova Scotia Canada BOE IHO Tel: (902) 224-3685 While in Cheticamp, don't forget to visit Hora's craft shop, which offers a variety of locally crafted fbrsfs on the Cabot Trail Best selection of hooked rugs Hora's offers an excellent selection of rugs and other hooked items, made by over 100 local craft ladies. We also feature other quality handcrafts and souvenirs. • Coasters • Sweaters • Chair seats • Quilts • Wall hangings • Placemats • Rugs s ' • Tartans Hora's has served t tourist industry for over 25 years. We welcome tour groups for one stop shopping. You're sure to enjoy /~ our rug hooking dem? onstrations! , ., • ,_ • ? AWARDS U.S. CURRENCY AT BANK / as??' Ja'?on" '?""'' RATE. ALL MAJOR CREDIT / Best cratt Shop CARDS ARE ACCEPTED, / Entrepreneur Aware AND WE ALSO SHIP / Chatelaine WORLD-WIDE! / Best Craft Shop ' in Cape Breton Relax and enjoy a treat in our comfortable eat-in ice cream parlor. • Frozen yogourt • Soft ice cream • Fresh Muffins • Coffee & Tea Box 316, Cheticamp, N.S. BOE 1 HO PHONE: (902) 224-3139 27
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