Page 64 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War
ISSUE : Issue 72
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1
Just before the Second World War, In front of the bakery, beside where the Zuckermans Ih'ed. The young people are cutting wood for the bakery ovens, to earn money to go to Israel. War came before they could leave. Only two or three of these people survived. ture. They put stamps on the furniture that (it) belongs to them; they confiscat? ed it and they shipped it to Germany. Some used it in their offices because we had nice furniture. We had a nice home. So he was making a good living. We were comfortable. We kept kosher, my mother kept a kosher kitchen. We weren't fanatically religious, but we kept a lot of holidays. We were going to the synagogue. My mother Cape Breton Auto Radiator co RADIATOR HOSES • REPAIRING • CLEANING • RECORING ?o/'? . COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD SERVICE '' 518 Grand auto * truck * industrial Sydney Lake Road Complete Line of Gas Tanks 564-6362 • NOW DOING AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING • sent me to a special school to learn how to read the Jewish Bible. And we learned about Yid? dish religion, and about other things. And it all had to stop when the war broke out... . We had relatives like everybody else. My fa? ther had sisters and brothers, and they had families. And so did my mother. And to my knowl? edge there isn't anybody who survived. I'm the only one who survived from the whole family. There's only one cousin who survived when the Russians occupied Po? land; they took him to the Russian Army.... There were some Jewish people who ran away with them because they were told (that) in the other part of Po? land the Germans were killing all the Jews. But not everybody wanted to believe it. They said, "Why would they kill me? I am not a communist, I am not a...." Just to kill me because of my religion--people couldn't believe it.... First, we went through the Russian occupa? tion when the war started. I remember they said on the radio we should go and welcome the Russians, (that) they came to help us and all that. The Russians were there close to two years. And they made changes. Like, everybody had to work. If you don't work, (you can't) eat. And they said if there was a big family, from six or eight, "Well, one man can't feed all the family, everybody WE HAVE INFORMATION ON YOUR PROPERTY • AND YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT IT IS! We have over 20 pieces of information on every number you see on this map, and we have a number on every property in Cape Breton, Richmond, Victoria, and Inverness Counties. " A SERVICE WORTH INVESTIGATING ~ Cape Breton Land | Information Centre From BADDECK Department of Municipal Affairs Land Information Management Services Division ~ 500 George Place, Sydney, N. S. B1P 1K6 ~ CONTROL SYSTEM of concrete monuments for surveying BASE MAPS: Orthophoto for rural areas, Line Maps for cities, town, villages PROPERTY MAPS with boundary information and ownership information REGISTRY ASSISTANCE for government and private users Your Property Is Our Business • Ask Us About It TELEPHONE (902) 563-2280 or 563-2281 • FAX 563-0503 64
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