Page 74 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War
ISSUE : Issue 72
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1
her name after my father. And all they had was a kerosene lamp. And they said, "You can go in, you can go in." That cousin of ours was working somewhere and he had the papers that he could go in and out. So he closed the trap door, and he put the wood and the kindling on the side. And we were sitting there. Shaking. And we could hear the German police, we could hear the Ukrai? nian police, running through those rooms and looking...for the Jews. Looking for the Jews. And run in, and they'd run out. And we were just shaking to survive. And then the lamp, the kerosene lamp--I don't know how long we were sitting there, or how long that action was going on--they had a quota, they have to kill today, say, 2,000 people.... We were sitting in that basement, and the lamp went out. And then they said, "Oh, that's a sign there's no more air. We OPEN 9 to 9 24 Flavours of Ice Cream! Fresh Fruit Sundaes Fresh Cape Breton Vegetables 756-9042 ,.X' ON TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY, ROUTE 105 Avaiia WHYCOCOMAGH? Six Great Reasons for Cape Bretoners to listen to Information Morning 1. Compelling interviews by host Ian McNeil. 2. The Cape Breton perspective on the stories and issues of the day. 3. Stories from and about your community. 4. Local News and Sports. 5. The fascinating history of Cape Breton with Jim St. Clair. 6. The latest weather and road reports. Weekdays 6 am to 9 am CBC # Radio can't breathe, we're going to suffocate." And the baby started to cry. When the baby started to cry we could hear the police still around the house. "Somebody's here! We hear a baby crying! We hear a baby cry? ing! Somebody's here!" And my cousin said, "I'm going to choke the baby." She took her by the throat, because they'd hear where the baby is. We (were) all going to lose our lives. But my mother said, "No, you're not going to choke the baby. She got her name after my husband. And if we die, we die all together." And she wouldn't let her choke that baby. All of a sudden we hear hollering: "Come out! Come out! Action is over!" Just in the last minute. "The action is over." And then we just breathed a sigh of relief, you know. And we all put our mouths to the soil trying to breathe. And I don't know how long...minutes were just like hours. But my cousin came and he opened that hatch--took away that wood, opened the hatch--and he had to practically drag us out because we were, from not having enough air to breathe, we were kind of like half dopey, you know. It was a very, very strange thing. Then we found out what happened to the people that they took and the way they killed them. And it was behind the city. The place was called Petrikov. It was hills. They took those people out to dig mass graves in that place, and they threw all those people in. What they did was VOLUME ONE BOOKSTORE Bag No. 200 Port Hawkesbury Centre Port Hawkesbury, N. S. BOE 2V0 Phone (902) 625-1514 Phoebe Timmons Res.: 863-1825 Wikon Timmons Res.: 345-2387 133 Church St. Antigonish Shopping Centre Antigonish, N. S. B2G 2E3 Phone (902) 863-4112 VOLUME TWO BOOKSTORE 'UBuinv' 3 Great Locations to Serve 1102 King's Rd. SYDNEY RIVER 567-1499 You 403 Charlotte St. SYDNEY 326 Commerciai St. 539-SUBS NORTH SYDNEY 794-SUBS
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