Page 84 - William H. "Bull" Marah - Still Fighting
ISSUE : Issue 72
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1
Bill had a lifetime of sports, liere he Is as catcher for the Kentvilie Wildcats In 1947. The entire team was American Imports, except for five Cape Bretoners • four of them from New Waterford! The Cape Bretoners are in row two, from far right to left: Joe Cormier, Leo Fahey, Bill Marsh, Eddie Gillis, and Jim Morrison from Giace Bay. could get a proper price for your coal. See (before that) they used to dump that oil in the ocean, that heating oil. But then they found a place to sell it: in the heating industry. And that happened in Great Britain and Belgium and Germany and all over--this cheap foreign oil flooded them and closed all the coal mines all over the world. And here was no exception. In the United States, too. But then here, the Anderton Shearer, of "My life revolves around herbs," writes jo Ann Gardner, Cape Breton author of this guide and memoir. She has learned simple but innovative growing methods. The wisdom she shares • with vivid stories, a self-deprecating wit, and an infectious delight for the gar? den • will be useful to herb growers everywhere. Living with HERBS by Jo Ann Gardner with 90 b & w illustrations by Elayne Sears in book and gift stores everywhere, or from Nimbus Publishing . 3731 MacKintosh Street IM Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5N5 ORDERS: 1-800-646-2879 course, was synonymous with the price of oil (going up) allowing the price of coal to come up. And then we started breaking records in Lingan. That was the mine that they said shouldn't open, and I fought to get that opened. And we got it open. And that Lin- " gan was pumping more coal out than you could say--oh, you wouldn't believe it. I made decisions from the time that I was elected. Generally they'd give a president about a year. But at that time I couldn't trust the people that I was elected with because.... If you'll notice: They stayed and Freeman Jenkins left. They stayed and Tom McLachlan left. So I went in and I said, "You are not staying and have me leave!" And I proved that I was right. I stayed there six terms! And a couple of the terms, they tried to (get) me. See, because they couldn't overwhelm me. I was president. I made the decisions, and I wasn't scared to make a decision.... And we started our first wage negotiations right away. That was the toughest thing for me. You know, I didn't have the feel of it or anything. So my fellows--I under? stood then what they did to poor Tom McLachlan before me. They took over for Tom and did his work then. Then they kept doing it all the rest of the time. And they relegated him to the status of being Markland coastal resort Pi. small and beautiful resort right on the sandy ocean beach and back bay. Dunes, sea meadow, eagles, whales. Straddling the National Park. V'ome for the beauty, stay for the service! Reservations: 1-800-872-6084 Voice (902) 383-2246 Fax (902) 383-2092 Winter Voice (902) 224-1840 Fax (902) 383-2324 Visit our WEB site Email: [email protected] Cabot Trail, P.O. Box 62, Dingwall, NS BOC IGO Canada 84
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