Page 5 - From Visits with Capt. Michael Tobin Coastal & Gulf Ferry Captain, Ret'd
ISSUE : Issue 73
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1
Upper left: The Dundee, part of the "Alphabet Fleet." Left: The original Caribou (1925-42), torpedoed and sunk by a Nazi submarine on October 14,1942, In the Cabot Strait on a regular ferry rurv • 137 Ih'es lost. Above: The /Cy/e (1915-25), another of the "Alphabet Fleet," entering Louisbourg Harbour. Note the 18th- century cannon embedded in the bank. the woods. But one telltale they used to make: when I'd see a little smoke coming up out of the woods, I knew they were hiding there. So I'd blow the horn, then I wouldn't go any farther. Next thing you see them all coming out of the woods. Take the freight then on the horses, and haul it back. The horses used to come alongs ON SALE EVERYWHERE The Cabot Trail A splendid new book of photo? graphs by the internationally recognized photographer Warren Gordon Gordon Pliotographic Ltd. 367 Charlotte Street, Sydney, N.S. BlP lEl • (902) 564-5665 • 1999 CAPE BRETON CALENDAR IS HERE! ide the ship, you know, and load up the sleighs or whatever they had-- slides. And then they'd haul it home. (And who was supplying the sleighs?) Oh, that's the people that (That were working for the mer? chant .) Oh, yes. I'll tell you, I had an experience down in Lords Cove. We didn't call at Lords Cove at the time. About four times a year when the merchant there'd get a big stock, you know. No wharf there, and it's open to the ocean. So this trip, we went in there and we had a lot of freight. Dories, skiffs, everything, came off with the freight. And one article was puncheon of molasses. Now, there's no wharf or anything in there. Ninety-three gallons of molasses, heavy oak staves--I think it weighed over a ton. And the two fellows came out for it in a Auld's Cove I Lobster Suppers Traditional Acadian Style • Traditional Acadian Lobster Suppers • Our Famous Seafood Chowder • Acadian Meat Pie • Fricot • Traditional Acadian Desserts OPEN MID-JUNE to OCTOBER RANS-CANADA HIGHWAY at AULD'S COVE (1/4 mile west of the Canso Causeway) brake service drums & rotors resurfaced DISCO TIRE 2&4 wheel alignment including 1-ton trucks and motor homes computerized engine analysis tune up and air conditioning GOODYEAR CERTIFIED AUTO SERVICE 95 Disco St. SYDNEY 539-4070
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