Page 19 - Alma MacDonald - A War Bride in West Mabou
ISSUE : Issue 73
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1
They were praising you up. I don't know whether they were or not. Well you see, I was different al? together from them. I was the black Protestant, that's what they used to call me. I was a Protestant first see, then turned Catholic. But they got over that, not that it bothered me. The old people, they used to come up to visit, of course everything (in the old fellow's house) was clean, they couldn't complain about anything. I used to wonder what they were saying about me. The styles were different, what I was wearing, and of course they couldn't understand me either. They didn't like what you were saying. They would say, "Did you hear what she said?" It wasn't what I had said, it was what they thought I said, because they couldn't understand me at all when I came over here. Don tried to explain to them what I was saying to them. I remember one day, Don and (the old gen? tleman) wanted dried salt cod for dinner, but they didn't tell me how to cook it. It was always fresh meat, fresh fish in Eng? land. You were supposed to soak the cod a while before cooking it. I never heard, so I cooked it in the oven instead of boiling it. Oh boy, was it salty: you couldn't eat it. It was terrible. (The old fellow) ate some of it. "Great, great," he was saying, pretending it was good. Aw, that was funny. I never cooked it like that again; I knew better next time. We'd have homemade curds ':'*.'?'v tj' Left: John and Elizabeth, the children who came to Canada wHh Alma. Above: John watching Margaret Rankin, Donald A. MacDonald, and Al? exander Rankin making hay. The horses are (left) King and (right) Nellie. or pork fat with it. Everything was salted then when I came over--meat was put down in barrels, eggs were put in sand, you made your own butter, you had crocks full of butter for the winter. Milking cows was new to me too. I liked it after I got used to it. I made meals that they didn't eat. They liked it, but it was different. Trifles, stews, Yorkshire puddings, rice puddings, different ways of doing everything. All those things they never had. I was noticing bites on the kids, so I checked their beds. I had never heard of a bedbug in my life up to then, when I came over here. They were in the bedrooms. It must have been the heat. I don't know what caused the bedbugs. We had a new mattress HORYL'S Superior Sausage Co. Jltd. 5247 Union Hwy. • NEW WATERFORD • B1H 4K4 Phone 862-7177 or 862-7178 SOME OF OUR FINE PRODUCTS INCLUDE: j'BSSti'.' * '?'''' Sausage '.'M''''k * ''''rn' * Kolbassa '''2j|k * Garlic Bologna ''''P' * Hot Pepperoni * Weiners 'HIHB' * White Pudding jjj'''' * Medium Hot Pepperoni 'M|'3k * Black Pudding ''''p * Sliced Pizza Pepperoni '''??BP * Cooked Hann * Roast Beef * Italian Sausage We take pride i nil sing only the finest govemment inspected meats, and the care it takes to make our sausages. When you ask for HoiyVs, you get the best. . SPECIAUZING IN QUALITY DELI MEATS FOR OVER 60 YEARS • Make the most of your medication 'REE WORKSHOPS ON PROPER H'lHAti'lM'm Understanding the do's and don'ts of proper medication use can make a big difference to your heakh. That's why the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada (PMAC) has developed a workshop and educational materials to teach people how to get the most from their medicines. We have partnered with PMAC to bring the Knowledge is the best medicine program to your community. To find out more, call Madelyne Gooding Nova Scotia Coordinator Tel: (902) 835-4785 i mamM
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