Page 20 - Alma MacDonald - A War Bride in West Mabou
ISSUE : Issue 73
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1
there, and (the old fellow) said the bugs must have come with the new one; he didn't like to admit. (Laughter.) 1 scrubbed and scrubbed, and somebody told me to use ker? osene, and you'll get rid of them, so I did, and they were right. I did get rid of them. Oh, dear, when I think of it, it makes me cringe. The house had wooden floors, no curtains, everything was dark blue, overhead, the walls. I wasn't used to that. I suppose they didn't have money to do that. Anyway, I scrubbed that floor, we put floor cover- rmrall BUILDING SYSTEMS EnerWall s a lightweight and versatile EPS insulated concrete forming system. Use it to build both above and below grade structures. The EnerWall building system provides superior energy efficiency and long term performance for houses, shops, barns, foundations, retaining walls, fire walls, storage tanks and sound barriers. BEAM THE CONCRETE THAT FILLS THE HOLLOWS AT THE TOPS AND BOTTOMS OF THE FORMS BECOMES HORIZONTAL BEAMS. THE REINFORCING STEEL SHOWN BEGINS IN THE THIRD BEAM AND IS INCLUDED IN EVERY THIRD BEAM THEREAFTER. POST THE CONCRETE THAT FILLS THESE CYUNDRICAL HOLLOWS BECOMES VERTICAL COLUMNS. REINFORCING STEEL IS INCLUDED IN AT LEAST EVERY SECOND COLUMN. STEEL STUD 305 MM (12-1 ON CENTRE METAL CROSS MEMBERS SERVE AS 38 MM (1 1/2") METAL STUDS FOR ATTACHING CONVENTIONAL INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR FINISHES. T&a; FORMS PRESSED INTO THE WET CONCRETE FOOTING CREATE AN EXTRA BARRIER TO PREVENT WATER TONGUES AND GROOVES INTERLOCK FOR CORRECT ALIGNMENT AND FOR INSULATION SEAL. For more information on EnerWall and its applications, call toll free: TrueFoam 11 Mosher Drive Dartmouth, N.S. B3B1L8 1-800-565-1291 Fredericton Industrial Park Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5C2 1-800-565-3626 ing down, curtains up. They told me you can't buy curtains, you can't buy them any? where. So I wrote to this Eatons, and I told him I was a war bride, and just after coming over here, and there was no curtains on the windows. I just told him how it was, and they sent me the curtains, a long coco? nut mat for the floor, and two comforters, all for nothing. One of the comforters went all into holes, so I sent it back. I had nerve didn't I--after getting it for noth? ing! Eatons replaced it with a new one and they sent me the old one back as well. (The old fellow) went around and told people how extravagant I was, spending Don's money. (Laughter.) Putting up curtains and things. They never had curtains. I was extravagant, you know. So when I went I made sure I took them with me. If he wanted the bare four walls, well here you are, dear. It was bet? ter when we left there. I got along. I was always so busy an5rway, helping with the old people, help clean the walls and things for them, I and Christy Ellen Rankin, we'd go and help out. I and Christy Ellen, she was my best friend: she was the first one I got to know. We'd go shopping in the horse-and- wagon, she'd take her horse or we'd take Nellie. Nellie was a good mare, she was quiet. The nighbours were nice enough. I just had different ways to them. Margaret Ann and Sarah Ann Beaton used to come and visit, they thought it was the greatest thing, having me over here. "New blood," they'd say, "this is new blood we've got now." (Laughter.) Hughie Sandy Sam, a fel? low who used to visit, he had nothing but Gaelic. He used to come over, "Make tea, make tea," he'd say when he'd come in. But you mustn't put butter on his bread. I put butter on his bread one day, and I never saw him for months. (Laughter.) He ate mo? lasses and bread, that's all he would eat. AT IO N A CENTRAL CAPE BRETON (ALONG ROUTE 223) In the Heart of Cape Breton Highland Height' A cozy retreat off the beaten track, but on the road to everywhere in Cape Breton. A gorgeous view of the Bras d'Or Lakes, private baths, two dou? ble beds in each room, pleasant, relaxing surroundings • plus a licensed dining room with a full menu of seafood and local dishes, featuring tradi? tional Cape Breton entertainment. Open till late October. INNKEEPERS: SHEILA AND BRUCE MacNEIL BOX 19, ROUTE 223, lONA, CAPE BRETON ?''' NOVA SCOTIA BOA 1 LO TOLL FREE: 1 -800-660-8122
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