Page 31 - With Alex Currie, Frenchvale
ISSUE : Issue 73
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1
??''>''"- So this Morrison--! never met him till that night. Seumas Moore had a tape I made over here in '73. And he always carries it with him. So he played it for Morrison over in the Old Country. Nothing to do, he had tc come over to see me. So when he seen me over here: "I have to congratulate you," he says. "You're a great pip? er." Well, I didn't know who I was talking to. He said, "I came over with Seumas Moore to hear you." "Well, that's good," I said. "You're not going to hear me play the pipes, but Artscape '98 J Port Hawkesbury 1' Nova Scotia rj'O' at the Historic CREAIVIERY BUILDING on the Waterfront Port Hawkesbury working m . m . ARTISTS Art Symposium on site Saturday | July 18 SILENT AUCTION to follow ~ at The Creamery Artisans Co-op July 1 to The Creamery Building Auaust 30 ''" *?'*"''? fine crafts from " artists around the province 3rd Annual Isle Quilt Market THE CREAIVIERY - PORT HAWKESBURY The Whole Month Of JULY (Grand Opening July 1 - 5) DEMONSTRATIONS • WORKSHOPS QUILTERS' MERCHANTS MALL QUILTS FOR SALE An Exciting Place to Be! (902) 625-2591 SPONSORED BY: Port Hawkesbury Parks, Recreation & Tourism Dept. Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. Nova Scotia Education & Culture Alex between Scottish pipers Harnish (Seumas) Moore and Fred Morrison. Above: With the bagpipes turned, Alex plays the chanter. I'll play a tune on the chanter." So, when I was done the chanter, he came over again. He said, "I've got to congrat? ulate you again. That was wonderful." But I couldn't play the damn pipes, you know-- didn't have the wind. (So someone else handled the bag.) Yeah, Johnny MacLean, my nephew, he got the bag going. (And you played the chanter.) Yeah. Oh, (Morrison) got a hell of a surprise. And he's a gold- medal winner--two-gold-medalist. Then he got up on the stage, he played. Well, I heard pipers, I heard pipers. And I never heard the like of that. He was something out of the world altogether. You'd think he was learned by the fairies, you know. He could do anything with them--with his fingers. Then we came here to this house the next Granville Green Concert Series (PRESENTED BY STATIA) at the Granville Green Bandshell PORT HAWKESBURY EVERY SUNDAY 7:00 P.M. from July 5 to Aug. 30 great entertainment free of charge IN CASE OF RAIN an alternative location will be announced SPONSORED by our community-spirited businesses . TD Bank • Stora • Tri Mac Toyota • Royal Bank • Canso Ford • Shoppers Drug Mart • Strait Supplies • Central Home Improvement Warehouse • The Reporter • CIGO Radio • ECBC Coordinated by the Port Hawkesbury Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department. For concert information, PHONE 625-2591 or E-MAIL [email protected] Ashley Maclsaac Rawlins Cross 12 Kilt 'uly 19 Dave Carmichael Band July 26 The Punters August2 J.P.Cormier August 9 Lennie Gallant August 16 Rodney* Glen Ceilidh- Rodney lUlacDonald & Glen Graham August 23 Mae Moore & Modabo August 30 Barra MacNeils SABLE
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