Page 36 - With Alex Currie, Frenchvale
ISSUE : Issue 73
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1
floor, boy. And I gave them all I had, for to dance. Boy, they wanted to dance. I seen them first, see how they were going to take off. I figured it might be a little slow for them. Then I came a little faster, see. I got right onto them right away. And I must have had $50 in quarters and half-dollars, leaving that stage! The gold- am fool was chucking the quarters and-- "Get some more! Have some more of them!" Well, they went crazy, boy. Then he invited me down to his house. I couldn't get down, though. I was in the army; I couldn't go unless I got permission. And we were on a recruiting tour, you know, you couldn't talk too long. Here and there, just enough to play a few tunes, and take off to the next place. So, I never got there. But we had a wonderful time there. We struck a lot of Scotch people, you know.... (There is some attempt now to remember the pipes as a dance instrument. Barry Shears....) Oh, I know Barry well. I learned him half of the tunes he's got. He'd WE CAN HELP YOU REALIZE YOUR DREAM OF HOMEOWNERSHIP! FOR A MORTGAGE TO BUY, BUILD OR RENOVATE, SEE THE LOCAL EXPERTS League Savings S Mortgage 235 Charlotte St., Sydney, N.S.B1P6H7 Phone: 539-8222 ??%/?
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