Page 45 - With Alex Currie, Frenchvale
ISSUE : Issue 73
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1
I'm telling you. I had a hell of a lot of fun at it.... I wasn't a competition piper; I wasn't a note player. So I played my own style. In fact, (I'm glad) today that I still kept it up, that I didn't turn to be a note player or something like that.... I had an old fellow here, from B.C., about a month ago--him and his wife. He remem? bered me when I was piping with the Cape Breton Highlanders. He was in the pipe band.... He thought I would play the pipes, but I told him, no, I couldn't play them. I had a good set of pipes--two sets. I'm trying to get a little better, proba? bly I'll play them yet, I don't know. I sent my stocks out to--the pipes I had-- over to Scotland. This Seumas Moore put a brand-new bag in them, everything, took them back to me with the bag in them. They're still in there: I never put a tune on them. But some day I will. Yeah. ('Cause you were as good as you were ever going to be.) Ever going to be, yeah. Until Barry Shears come here, and Seumas Moore from the Old Country, that's when every? thing opened up. Everything opened up. Why is it--everything goes...late? If this had of come twenty years ago, I might have got out in the world like some of these cra? zy people that's on TV, making thousands of millions of dollars, just act a fool. (You could act a fool with the best of them!) Yeah. (Laughter.) But it come too damn late! REGISTERED NURSE. ARE Standards that protect you Did you know that... When the Registered Nurses' Association of Nova Scotia (RNANS) was estabUshed in 1910, registered nurses in Nova Scotia became the first nurses in Canada to practise according to one set of provincial nursii' care standards. And although nursing has evolved since then, standards continue to giude today's RNs in providing you, the public, with sate, competent, ethical care. Some things in nursing have changed... Today, you'll find registered nurses in a variety of settings-from hospitals to community clinics, schools, industries, long- term care facilities and homes-and in a variety of roles-from direct care providers to health promoters, counselors, educators, administrators and researchers. You'll also find that their knowledge, skills, and expertise have grown substantially in response to new technologies, changes in our health care system, ' ' ' ' complex health conditi While others have remained the same. To practise as an RN in Nova Scotia, a person must be licensed annually with the Registered Nurses' Association. The mission of RNANS is to regulate the practice of nursing in the public interest. This means that RNANS is responsible for setting the standards for nurses' practice and professional behavior. RNANS must also make sure diat all nurses meet the educational requirements to enter the profession, including com? pletion of an approved nursing program and passing a national musing examination. RNs are responsible for meeting the Association's standards and continually updating their knowledge and skills. Remtered nurses play a vital role and nuke valuable contributions to the health of Nova Scotians. To learn more about the Registered Nurses'Association of Nova Scotia visit our website at: 120 Eileen Stubbs Avenue, Suite 104, Dartmouth. NS BUS lYl /,,yo2-io?-'r-*i /-,// • , l-HOO 56S 'ri4 /. - ')02 if.K 9S10 '' Our thanks again to Paul MacDonald for providing a depiction of the rhythms of Alex Currie's feet. Thanks as well to Barry Shears for the tune "The Forest Going Afire," published here for the first time. Barry is the author of The Cape Breton Collection of Bagpipe Music • chockful of tunes from handwritten manuscripts, taped performances, fiddle tunes arranged for bagpipe, and modern compositions. Barry al? so provided the pipe music for the movie "Margaret's Museum." For more about the Cape Breton bagpipe dance tradition, see "The Bagpipe in Cape Breton" • a conversation with Barry Shears in Issue 52 of Cape Breton's Magazine. You can see Alex Currie in action, and learn a great deal more about Cape Breton bagpipes in the context of world pipe music, in the extraordinary video by Peter Murphy called: "The Pipes, the Pipes Are Calling...". The video is available from Breton Books • see page 65 to order, or go to our website: ScVjooL op CeLnc INSTRUCTORS... JULY 14-18: Buddy MacMaster Dwayne Cote Barbara McOwen Scott MacMillan JULY 27-31: Dougie MacDonald Kinnon Beaton Betty Lou Beaton Brian Doyle AUGUST 3-7: Raynnond Ellis J.J. 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