Page 12 - Memories of Lillian Crewe Walsh
ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
she had anoth? er girl friend I with her. And I she went in I this house, of course, kind of just a hum- I ble little I home in Neil's I Harbour. And the old man I was in bed off I the kitchen. i And Aunt Lilly I and this girl friend of hers went in. And the old man's wife was in '% the kitchen. And Aunt Lil said, "And how forget what the name is now, "Oh," she said, "he's much he's much better." And she said this old man got up out of bed and came out in the kitchen in his long wool? len underwear, and holding his hands down by the front of his pants, you know, sort of stooped over. And Aunt Lilly would get up and show how this old man came out of Verses from The Sons of Newfoundland Come all ye sons of Newfoundland, wherever you may be, All ye that love your native shores, and sing this song with me; We own a goodly heritage, brought far from other lands, By our seafaring fathers, to the sons of Newfoundland. Our fathers were not criminals, in the land they left behind. They were not driven from their shores, a better land to find; A people free, a people bold, led by adventure's hand. Our fathers brought an honored name to the sons of Newfoundland.... Wherever seamen ventured, upon the waters blue. Her sons have braved the dangers, with sturdy hearts and true; Down to the north, or to the south, in every sea and land. For the spirit of adventure calls the sons of Newfoundland.... Wherever we be, on land or sea, our voices we shall raise. To thank God for our heritage, and our native shores to praise; Come, brothers, sing this song with me, let us together stand. To ask the Lord to bless and guard the sons of Newfoundland. is"--weil, I the old man. better today, SERVING INDUSTRIAL CAPE BRETON FOR OVER 40 YEARS 1' Senior Citizen Discounts ik Furnace Leasing 1' Discount for Cash CALL TODAY 564-8213 ALAN SULLIVAN the bedroom. And he said, "You tell your mother that I'm better • but not much bet- terl" He didn't like what his wife said! And Aunt Lilly--did you ever know her? (No. I would love to have met her.) Oh, look, if you had known her, you could have gone in there every day and be so welcomed, and she'd tell you one story after another. And look, whenever I think about Aunt Lilly telling that story • she was tall--Aunt Lil? ly was tall. And she would take this old ?? man off, you know, and I could see that old man in his long underwear coming out, and it was a cold, cold winter day at that. And I can almost see that old man coming out and saying, "You tell your mother that I'm better • but not much bet? ter!" Like his wife said. So, you know, she'd tell funny little stories like that about different things. And oh golly, I forget some of them. But I wish I could remember them. She never travelled. Axint Lilly had the chance to go to Newfoundland at one time. She wrote that poem about Newfoundland • you probably read it in her book. And they • I don't know who would be that offered her a trip FUELS 566 Keltic Drive Island Vinyl Siding Ltd LeBlanc Siding Ltd ' Authorized Dealer lor ACj9YCM' Aluminum & Vinyl Siding c. _, Aluminum Windows & Doors 'KA YCAN Shutters / Softfit / Fascia / Awnings Heavy Duty Vinyl Replacement Windows 109 Reservoir Road SYDNEY Professional installation of Aluminum & Vinyl Siding in Cape Breton for over 22 years. FREE ESTIIVIATES, and any siding inquiries, Call Collect: BRUCE or SONNY MaoPHERSON 539-3665 & 539-4626 12
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