Page 20 - Memories of Lillian Crewe Walsh
ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
(Laugrhter.) She was in the pulpit. And when she said, "There's nothing like a miner/ With a shovel in his hand." Well, you don't usually clap. They took down the house. In a church, you don't clap, you know. But that night they did. (Are you aware of many opportunities she WE BUY AND WE SELL AND WE'RE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE Sid's Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney ' RMO'':: Imagine a career at sea... becoming an officer in the Canadian Coast Guard. If you are finishing Grade 12 plus 6 OAC's (Ontario), CEGEP 1 (Quebec) or Grade 12 (other provinces) in your university preparatory program this year, if you excel at math and physics, and if you think big... Head for the freedom, the excitement and the challenge of a sea-going career with the Canadian Coast Guard. 4 1 had, though, for reading her poems to the public?) Ruth: Not really, no. Audrey: I think that was about the only one that I remember. Ruth: But they went in The Ga? zette. They went weekly in the paper. It was the Glace Bay paper. And her poems would be printed in this paper. Audrey: She was exceptionally witty. She wasn't a cross woman or anything. Ruth: No. Never, never a cross word out of her. Nelson: Never heard her cross once in my life. When you'd go down there, she'd start reading a piece of poem. She'd get a piece of brown paper that was torn off an old bag: "And what do you think of this?" Well, I liked all her poetry. "That's wonderful." Audrey: There were always peo? ple there, wer? en't there? Ruth: Always. And it would be in the afternoon. They would be there, probably come about two o'clock, and they'd sit around the dining room table. They'd have a game of cards and then leave.... Nelson: It was a The four-year Canadian Coast Guard officer training plan offers: • A modem, attractive campus in Sydney, with private rooms • Technical training coupled with varying periods of sea training on Coast Guard ships • Upon successful completion, a Bachelor's Degree of Technology in Nautical Science from the University College of Cape Breton ?? ?? Fisheries and Oceans Peches et Oceans ?? " Canada Canada ClanacK gathering place, more or less. Newfoundland fishermen, that knew Ernest and knew her, would land in there, and none of them were educated in any way. "Oh, God, good to see you today, boy." Have a little game and--and everybody'd love each other. Ruth: She always had someone liv? ing in with her. And her looking after them, in a way.
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