Page 43 - The Sinking of the Patrick Morris - One Sailor's Day
ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
j limped, you know, and missed it. They picked up the life raft over round Low Point. She had three rings on her, like a canopy over it. That was all gone off it. So then the big sea came up and splashed everything on the side of her. That's the sea that drove our boat away from her. And we were watching and (the PatricA: Morris would) come over like that till her smoke? stack touched the water, and then she flipped right back. Her head went right straight in the air • you always see those movies like in the war • and she started to settle. Last time I looked at her I just watched her name. Her name was going under. I say thirty-five minutes, it was all over. She was gone. She made an awful noise. Well, I joean she had a lot of boxcars in her, you know. We only had about fourteen, I but holy cow, she had • I think there was four sets of tracks. That's the whole length of the ship now. But we never had a full load, you know. I suppose everything got loose. And we were in the (life)boat. I don't know how long we were in the boat, but it didn't seem that long. The first ship that came up to us was a dragger, but he couldn't do anything for us. He was just like a sub? marine underwater. He couldn't do any? thing. What he was intending to do I "Experience a New World of Shopping" NOV'" A collection of Maritime handcrafts, Canadian pine, woolens, folk art, country clothing, gifts and accessories. Major Credit Cards Accepted A Cape Breton Country Store OPEN DAILY (902) 295-2868 Chebucto Street Baddeck Baddeck Valley Woodproducers'' Woodlot Management Specialists LUMBER • FUELWOOD • SAFETY SUPPLIES • CULVERTS P. 0. Box 512, Baddeck, Nova Scotia BOE 1B0 TELEPHONE (902) 295-3218 FAX (902) 295-2766 b4ddeck mArine pflNDEE MARINE Full-Service Marinas on the Bras d'Or Lakes Providing Facilities and Assistance TO Boaters and Yachting Enthusiasts Ifor 26 Years think was • like, he had an open stern, and (he wanted to) run our boat right in on his deck. He might have killed us all. 'Cause you know those draggers are all fitted out with wires and booms. So he decided that he couldn't do anything. His windows were all smashed out of his ship and everything, so he left. So the Am? brose Shea was in here (in North Sydney). So she got the Mayday to come out, you know, that the Patrick Morris was going down. So she came out. Oh, my God. She used to go over far enough that you could look into the stern door of her and see the cars on the car deck. For all the years that I've been sailing, I never ever saw a sea-- the sea was sav? age . Mountains. And then we real? ized, you know, after the Ambrose Shea couldn't do anything. But I mean, everybody kept up their spirits. There was no panic. That was one good thing. Everybody knew their job. 'Cause if we didn't, well, there would be none of us around today. They were a great bunch of men. But then this big ship, this big German on the Bras d'Or Lakes! Centre for the Arts 'ScaSerlAX Alexander Graham Bell Museum June 30 July 11 July 15 July 26 August 5 August 7 August 15 Julys July 10 July 16 July 29 Village Harmony Musique Maison Kirk MacDonald ft Lome Lofsky Rhapsody Quintet Janice Jackson Elizabeth Patterson and Elk Point Choir Ardyth and Jennifer fftUJMrA' StfUX Gaelic College, St. Ann's Legends of Folk Guitar Summitt Blazin' Fiddles Songwriters Circle August 13 a 14 A Night of Comedy July 4 July 5 - 9 July 6 Voi/Hv UoaiiKop* Afro-latin Percussion Summer Arts Camp Guitar a Song July 12-23 SAPPY July 21 - 23 Teen Theatre July 26 - 30 Sea People Puppets August 9 - August 16 July 4 June 30 Julys July 10 July 15 July 26 July 29 August 7 21 Summer Rock Cape Breton - 20 Band Camp Adutf UofiUkopx Afro-latin Percussion Choir Direction Guitar a Song Advanced Guitar Jazz Workshop Classical Master Classes Songwriter's Workshop Synthesizer Program Aug. 7,8 a 14,15 Crash Course In Singing August 14 August 28 Comedy Workshop Square Dance Workshop And Dance To Be Announced Water Colour June 7 June 8 June 15 June 16 June 20 June 21 June 28 June 29 CilhwuL ConnCcHoiU Cape Breton Music Mi'kmaq Reflections Chantons L'Amitie Cape Breton Music Mi'kmaq Reflections Cape Breton Music Chantons L'Amitie Mi'kmaq Reflections Featuring the work of Cape Breton artists September Master Voice with Richard Armstrong For more information: 1-888-993-9994 AAAAA/ 43
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