Page 44 - The Sinking of the Patrick Morris - One Sailor's Day
ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
ship (the Rhine Ore)--she came out of the snow. We saw her coming. Holy cow. She was one of them big bulk carriers. We had to look up at her like this. {Connie tilts his head back as far as it will go,) So he came up on us and he came up on the side to try and take the waves away from us a m Favourite in on Paper, Full and Glorious Colour from 5,000 feet Up. little bit. Then he put a big net over the side of the ship. A scramble net they call it. So when our boat would go down and come up, we'd grab the net. Then the Germans would grab you and pull you in over. I know the guy that grabbed me, you know, I was some proud of him. 'Cause my hands were that cold that I could feel my hands slipping off J the net. And when the j boat came up, the guys I were in the boat, she'd I almost come up level with I her, and they kept push- I ing me. They pushed me up further. Then the Germans j got me. Just like putting I my arms in a vice. Pulled I me right in on the deck. I They had the T-shirt and I the life jacket and I everything off me then, I but I knew I was safe. I But there were still men I down in the boat. (How long did it take to get everybody out of the lifeboat?) Oh, it didn't take very long. I'd say fifteen, twenty minutes at the most. I mean, if you missed that net, it's all over with you. 'Cause when you're in the water, everybody's fighting for their life now. You know, you can't try for this guy. We're fighting for our own life now. Housing and Municipal Affairs LAND INFORMATION CENTRES Sydney Lawrencetown Tel: (902) 563-2281 Tel: (902) 584-2267 Fax: (902) 563-0503 Fax: (902) 584-7256 New Glasgow Tel: (902) 752-1331 Fax: (902) 755-2822 Bridgewater Tel: (902) 543-5379 Fax: (902) 543-0689 Halifax Tel: (902) 424-2735 Fax: (902) 424-5747 Yarmouth Registry Tel: (902) 742-3125 Fax: (902) 742-0532 Amherst -.Tel: (902) 667-7231 Fax: (902) 667-6008 Toll Free: 1-800-798-0706 website: Aerial PHOTOGRAPHS Complete Aerial Coverage for all of Nova Scotia. 10" X10" Prints- Black & White $5.00* Colour $8.50* Custom Colour Enlargements 2G"x20" $45.00* 30"x30" $65.00* 40"x40" $75.00* Colour Satellite Mosaic Print of Nova Scotia $67.00* *Plus shipping and tiandling and HST. MAPS&Charts; ALSO: A large selection of multipurpose full colour mops and charts. Map Books of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Folded Maps: Nova Scotia Road Map, Fistiing Map, Nature Map, Geology Map, Halifax/Dartmouth Street Map, Atlantic Canada Guide Map, Canoe Maps of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Discover Outdoor NS books. Canadian Pilotage Charts, VFR Navigation and Terminal Area Charts, World Aeronautical Charts, Hydrographic Charts, Tide and Current Tables. But the CSermans • I got to give them credit for the job that they did for us. And how good they were to us. You couldn't meet a better people in your life. And clothes we had on • my clothes were wet and danp. They took my shoes off. They gave me • well, they were down and out, too • holes in their socks, holes in their pants. They gave us their clothes to put on, they gave us warm clothes, fed us nice, cigarettes, anything you wanted. Slept on the floor, and we slept in their beds. But liquor-- they had a big room there. They was piled right to the roof--beer, vodka--and no one ever got drunk. I guess it's the fear.... But it's
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