Page 69 - Cape Breton's Magazine CENTRE for Documentary Field Studies: Yvonne McInnes Sturgess, in Waipu
ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
McLeods and the Mclnnes family as well, and she came later. We understand that be? cause we do know that coming down another generation, in Waipu, Mary McBain, Mrs. Ewen Mclnnes, looked after her when she was so crippled here with rheumatism. So they continued in that role of, not slave, but, ah, protector and honorary worker for the man. Not so much in the rarefied, run- ning-the-money situation, but purely and simply the hands-on work. And the defense. I think they definitely had that role be? cause I understand that it was my great- grandmother in Australia that helped Mrs. Norman McLeod when her sons died. Three sons died there of typhoid. So that con? tinued on through the generations. (Do you think that Norman saw himself as the chieftain of the community?) Oh, yes. ''''''''_ That was accepted. It's ''K'S'''''m 3&sy; to gloss over that, J'H|H''''H but he was the chief, to JBBBpWWHH'B the main ones. I'm not g TH'B talking about the ones 1' lll''' such as McKay. Some of 'ftfc ?flfc. ''-?CB stepdance Mary Janet MacDonald, Mary STEPDANrE • SOUARE DANCE ??/lacGilllvray, Judy MacKenzie, Kaye Hanrahan, "'' 'ruMwuc 'vumrc i/?iii,t vielanie MacQuarrie (& Scottish set dancing) PlANO • MUSICAL HISTORY 'Gaelic Leslie MacDaniel lULY 19-23 Canadian & CB Fiddle: • CB fiddle Brenda Stubbert, Neil Beaton (& Western Cana- la fiddle) • Maritime fiddle Frank Ferrel 'guitar Scott MacMillan 'piano Betty Lou Beaton lULY 26-30 Traditional Scottish & CB: 'CB fiddle Buddy MacMaster, John Campbell • Scottish iddle Chris Duncan • piano Joey Beaton MASTERS CONCERT each Monday at 7:30 PM MINI-CONCERT/CEILIDH each Mon-Fri at 12:45 PM SESSIONS Tues&Frl; nights, the Red Shoe Pub BEFORE JULY 2 call 781-544-3179 (phone/fax) AFTER JULY 4 call 902-258-2289 Email: [email protected] • Website: P. O. Box 455, Greenbush, MA, U.S.A. 02040 or P. O. Box 297, Inverness, NS, Canada BOE INO came from South Road, there was not this Cove Road, this was all swamp --they came over the hills there by McLeans' farm and they came down to the cemetery just next door. Now there was this great story told of So-and-so, (who) so hated (Rev. Norman McLeod) that when they asked him to carry his coffin, he said, "Well, you can carry him to Hell as far as I'm concerned." Now, what happened is that I think the chap was at the fu? neral for the chief, they had a bearer, and you'd have the sergeant at arms, you know. The six men would come forward--all the men attended, and all the men would be behind-- and on the change, six would be re? lieved by the next six. And people would say that this is an example of his enemies and how people hated him-- but I have one good reply to that: Why was the man at the funeral? If I hated a man that much, and I would call him all sorts of things, I'm damned if I'm going to walk all over those hills to his funer? al. I would not think that was my place. So what was he doing at the funeral?... And there were thou? sands (of people) • that was definitely recorded • thousands would just wait around the house when he was lying there unable to get out of bed for about Discover Nova Scotia Plan aw hour Plaw a ??aicD',>.,?,a''T' 69
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