Page 24 - The Canada Lynx
ISSUE : Issue 2
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/1/1
were also discarded." The Lynx is known to store in earth or snow whatever it kills beyond its hunger. A study of Lynx scats (excrement) reveal that they also eat mice, muskrats, beavers, moose, caribou, cow, sheep, deer • almost any living crea? ture it can overcome, including frogs, snakes, birds and insects. It may sneak a- long a man's trail after dark and close behind him, but this seems to be actuated by curiosity and the Lynx is not recorded as having hunted down man. One of the remarkable things about the Lynx is the length of time it can go without food. Pruitt writes: "Leanness is another quality of the lynx...but conversion of body fat is a physiological way of ensuring survival over a food shortage. (The lynx) instead of being forced to increase their metabolic rate to maintain body temperature, relied on extremely effective insulation. Thus the lynx did not really need body fat,...They could go for days or even a week without making a kill, and still suffer no harm." But when they are starving they will eat almost anything. Seton saw one eating the body of another lynx that had starved. And like the cougar, fruit is one thing it will not eat and will starve with berries at hand. Additional reading: William 0. Pruitt, Jr. Animals of the North;Ernest Thompson' Seton, Lives of Game Animals. ' - • '.i Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Edited & Published SKIR DHU CAPE BRETON • Our thanks for the warm welcome the first issue of Cape Breton's Magazine received. And especially, our thanks to all those who have subscribed for themselves and sent gift subscriptions to Cape Bretoners and friends of Cape Breton off the island. We'll never make it without your help. You don't have to use the coupon. If you would rather not tear the magazine, just send us a letter with a list of the people you want to receive Cape Breton's Magazine. Be sure to enclose either a check or money order. The address: Cape Breton's Magazine, Skir Dhu, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Our thanks to George Thomas II, Margaree Harbour, for the Cover Photograph by Ronald Caplan NOVA SCOTIA JANUARY 1973 Please send the next 6 issues of Cape Breton's Magazine to: Name Enclosed is a check money order: 4.50 on Cape Breton 5.00 in Canada 6.00 in the United States Start with issue number 12 3. A gift from_ Best Wishes to Cape Breton's Magazine SHAD'S SERVICE STATI(??I & GENERAL STORE Skir Dhu Our Welcome to Cape Breton's Magazine Isle Royale Beverages Limited Your authorized COCA-COLA bottler 564-8130 562-4439 245 Welton St. Sydney, N. S. COOK'S CHICK HATCHERY Box 731 59 Queen Street, Truro, N.S. John R. MacDonald Wholesale Ltd. SYDNEY Cape Bretdn's Magazine/24
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