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ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
Read Cape Breton BOOKS! Book publishing is another major Cape Breton industry. Here is just a sample of high-quality writing and publishing that both reflects and nourishes Cape Breton's people and cultures. You can order from us, or through bookstores anywhere Orville Wonders Why BY Sandra Dunn WITTY ILLUSTRATIONS by Susan Dunn adorn this small sweet story of a friend? ship between Orville the Ostrich and Allie the Eagle. The Dunns raise live os? triches in Cape Breton • the source of the funny antics in this children's book! dunn deal PUBLISHINQ Lead Poisoning CARTOONS & CARICATURES BY Ron E a riot • political cartoons that outlast the issues! Ron Evely is a very funny man • and so is life in Cape Breton. From 8 years of this M'' Cape Bretoner's best, 'ASfe) n|Mc new cartoons. Fori plus new cartoons. Fore- C.B. listeners lose 2 very colourful radio l.,' .. , n • .. • ii;i • A?? .ersonallties as Maritime Broadcasting '''p'' ?e?is' ''5.9??- SOLUS John R. and Son AND OTHER WRITINGS BY Tessie Gillis STARK, BOLD, RELENTLESS No one has ever written about Cape Breton like this! A RICH, DARING short novel, plus 5 stories. This j troubling, bmtal and com f passionate book is a riv? eting minor classic. In? cludes letters between Tessie Gillis and her edi? tor. With its companion novel. Stories from the Woman from Away, we now have the complete writings of Tessie Gillis. 165 pages BRETON . $14.95 BOOKS ESSIS',' John R. and Son AND OTHER STORIES Brotlierhood Economics Women and Co-operatives in Nova Scotia BY Rusty Neal THIS NEW HISTORY shows that the promise of co-operative equality was never extended to women on the same terms as to men • that the goal of equality remains relevant today. UCCB PRESS 1 so pages • $17.95 BUY CAPE BRETON BOOKS! BY IVIAIL Cheque, money order, or credit card number and expiry date, to Cape Breton's Magazine Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia BOC IHO CREDIT CARD ORDERS ONLY: BY PHONE TOLL FREE 1-800-565-5140 rial Cape Breton, 539-5140) FAX (902) 539-9117 E-MAIL [email protected] PLEASE ADD 7% TAX PLUS SHIPPING: INSIDE CANADA: Add $4.50 for the first item, then $1.50 for each extra item. OUTSIDE CANADA: Add $6.00 for the first item, then $4.00 for each extra item. The Cabot Trail PHOTOGRAPHY BY Warren Gordon A PHOTO TRIBUTE to the famed Ca? bot Trail- both land? scape, and people who live along this still perilous stretch of northem highway. From craftspeople to elegant highlands, valleys and farms and gorgeous skies. Text by David Harley (General John Cabot Trail). 119 Full-Colour Photos • Hardcover • 88 pages • $24.95 Cheticamp: K'tiCailiPl HISTORY AND ??3'''>._/- I ACADIAN TRADITIONS BY Anselme Chiasson I WRITTEN WITH CLARITY AND LOVE, 1 and hailed as a rare local history with wide ' appeal, Cheticamp is an extremely well- I informed history, folklore and guide. Cheticamp is the centre of a distinct cul- I ture with its own songs, stories, and ap- I proach to religion, business and education. J From the first settlers in the 1780's to the I community today, this book is passionate, I informative and entertaining. BRETON BOOKS PHOTOS • 288 pages • $16.95 The Book of Seasons A SEARCH FOR OUR RURAL ROOTS Italian Lives cape breton memories BY Pamela Newton The Book of Seasons tells about the real reason we bum grass, the secret behind Jack o' Lantern, Nova Scotia's Great Mouse Plague • and much, much more. Pam Newton explores, with a light, caring touch, "seasonal rituals which have embed? ded themselves in our lives." PHOTOGRAPHS • SKETCHES • 176 pages • $19.95 McCurdy & the Silver Dart BY Les Harding AIMED AT GRADES 4-7, the thrilling story of Baddeck's J.A.D. McCurdy • aviation pio? neer, bamstomier, aerial daredevil • and Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia. As a child he helped neighbour Alexander Graham Bell. As a young man he flew the first heavier- than-air machine in the British Empire, the Sil? ver Dart (his own design). UCCB PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS • 110 pages • $12.95 EDITED BY Sam Migliore BY A. Evo DiPierro A NEW BOOK of memories, life experiences, photos, and essays celebrates the contributions to Cape Breton of people of Italian descent. Explores immigration, the home, steel plant, fish plant, coal mines, business, politics, customs. 350 pages .24.95 A Journey in Celtic Music • CAPE BRETON STYLE BY Sheldon Maclnnes A PERSONAL JOURNEY, this book takes us from "house sessions" when the best fiddlers in Cape Breton gathered in Dan Joe Maclnnis's home, through the festivals of the '60s and '70s and the immense popularity of Celtic music today, recreating the rich culture that fostered this music. 'The spirit and the passion of those (Big Pond) sessions." • john allan cameron • UCCB PRESS PHOTOS, TUNES, BIBLIOGRAPHY • 216 pages • $21.95 KJSfC !?!#*" The Highland Heart in Nova Scotia BY Neil MacNeil CELEBRATING 50 YEARS of a remarioble Cape Breton Classic! Told with the pride and joy that only an exiled son can bring to the world of his heart and child? hood, this is wonderful writing about the peace and raw humour of Celtic Cape Breton's Gold? en Age. Rip-roaring stories from 100 years ago. Raised in Washabuckt, Neil MacNeil be? came an editor of The New York Times. PHOTOS • 208 pages • $14.95 .BRETON BOOKS Higlilaiid 'inMearl Nova Scotia 1' SEE US ON THE WEB! The "Cape Breton BOOKS" Project is assisted by the Book Publishing industry Development Program, Department of Canadian Heritage
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