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ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
Own a Part of Your History: Two Proud Cape Breton VIDEOS by the National Videos You'll Watch and Share Again and MAKING STEEL IN TIMES OF CHANGE, it's our business to remember • and Mak? ing Steel helps us remember the skill and pride of Cape Breton Steel. This 60-mlnute VIDEO shares the Technology and the History and the Culture of Work of those who did the work. Extraordinary, never- to-be-seen-again shots of the blast furnace, cutting steel, the coke ov? ens • process after process. This is a well-made keeper, educational for sure • and good, impressive entertainment. Technology captures the enor? mous complexity and awesome beauty of the steel plant prior to 1989. History tells of a century of steel- making in Cape Breton. In the Culture of Work section, steelworkers talk about friendship, dangers, pride and frustrations at political and business decisions. A PROUD 100 YEARS • FROM THE STEEL PROJECT BEATON INSTITUTE, UCCB Film Board Again ~ Mnkitig Dedicated I to the I {steelworkers ofU Cape Breton. V past and I pte'eni ?? 60 minutes | $19.95 for home viewing $39.95 to institutions 12,000 MEN Never before offered for public sale, 12,000 Men is a lasting tribute to the coal miners' struggle in Cape Breton. This VIDEO documents labour's wars from 1890 through the great 1925 Strike. Riled with archival pho? tos, film footage, and interviews with miners and their families • you have images and voices, many from peo? ple who were actually there. Like Making Steel, 12,000 Men is a rare VIDEO that belongs in our homes and in our schools. PLEASE ADD TAX: OrdersfromN.S., N.B., NFLD., Add15%H.S.T. Orders from Other Provinces, Add 7% G.S.T. PLUS SHIPPING: A National Film Board of Canada Release m M 12,000 Men $19.95 for home viewing $39.95 to Institutions ORDER BY MAIL, PHONE, FAX, OR E-MAIL FROM Cape Breton's MAGAZINE (SEE IVIAIL, PHONE, FAX, E-MAIL ADDRESSES ON OPPOSITE PAGE) Parables from Big Pond BY Daniel Doucet POWERFUL, INSPIRA? TIONAL little stories- disturbing, uplifting • from St. Mary's Parish, Big Pond. A moving look at the strength of each person's inner voice. 120 pages • $14.95 SOLUS PUBLISHINQ ??clll..l.L-
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