Page 78 - Allan MacLeod: Stories and Gaelic Songs
ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
All3n MBCLGOCI continued from back cover 4. a Auto Parte Phil bunch there singing, get everybody singing. Then he'd start this song. (Do you recall when you first heard it?) Yes. (Vlhere was that?) At his place. (Was it a party?) Yeah. There was a gathering there, it was coming on Christmas, I guess, because it was in No? vember when we got the horse, I know that, in the fall of the year. I had to go and get him shod • go out in the woods with him. I was over there one night and, I guess my I father was with me, or whoever, sitting around there singing and all this. And he'd start singing this song. I was wondering to my? self. Now, vAio in the hell is..,? I knew he made up songs. And he had a lot on it first, before it got into going shoeing him at all. And I was wondering to my? self • and as a kid, then, you'd get so violent, and then you could SAF-WAY AUTO PARTS LIMITED AUTOMOTIVE - INDUSTRIAL! BODY SHOP SUPPLIES SYDNEY 361 GEORGE NEW WATERFORD 45610THST. 539-99701862-6491 539-0707 Fax 539-9741 TOLL FREE 1-800-565-5044 A site... ... worth exploring! Open the door to an "information" adventure with Nova Scotia's natural resources. Once you arrive, you're just a click away from planning a vacation at a provincial park, reviewing mining activity, learning about ecosystem management, selecting a video about efficient energy use or finding answers to your questions about wildlife. You'll also discover our department's policies and programs, read our publications, find out "what's new" and meet some of our staff. So, why not drop by for a visit! Natural Resources kill him, or I could anyway. Here the song was for me I... {Laughing,) About ready to kill him that night, boy. (So you'd be embar? rassed. ) Oh, gee, he'd laugh, then you wouldn't be? lieve the kick he'd get out of it. Oh, he made a lot of them. There's three or four he made. There was another fellow, Angus Maclntyre • he set up a mill in Clark's Road one time. He had a sawmill, fairly good sawmill. And he sat it out in the woods at MacCuish's old farm. There was no power, no nothing out there, see • the power was going to Main-a-Dieu. And (people) were still living out back, the best part of a mile in the woods. They had a nice farm there. But they couldn't get the power. So in order to get the power • he got after them, too • Angus did • Angus was married to their daughter, see. In order to get the power, if he'd get electric power for the mill, (then) they'd run the line in. And then they'd (also) get power in the house. They could wire the house. But they had to have more than (the) one house at that distance. So he did. He took the gas engine off the Welcome to the Fifty-Second Annual Glengarry Highland Games MAXVILLE, ONTARIO Saturday, July 31, 1999 NORTH AMERICAN PIPE BAND CHAMPIONSHIP Heavyweight Sports • Highland Dancing Massed Pipe Bands General Admission - $12.00 / Children under 12 Free Camping Available Friday, July 30,1999 PRE-GAMES CONCERT AND TATTOO - 6:30 PM Admission $15.00 1-613-527-2876/ We offer fair exchange to our American friends
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