Page 86 - Allan MacLeod: Stories and Gaelic Songs
ISSUE : Issue 74
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1
this fellow or that fellow, or J ' ' if he was 7 ''':SA there. He' d say. No, didn't know anything about it. He never seen any? body. Supposing he was in the middle of it, if he figured it was some? thing that was going to cause any trouble or anything, he'd just wash him? self clear of it, say he nev? er knew any? thing about it. Away he'd go, to the next place. -c=v7-'' And people'd -" yy-i'f'j'.. give him jack- • i ' ets and stuff, - '' -.-?? -Ifi-.Y''I' c 1 othes, see. ??Cr'.'-.'-ti; ??. Must have spent -T'''''>~ >'jj his whole life ??' • i'*''; ;.?';-'.; • that way.... He's buried in Brickyard • Mira. He left French Road, see • it's a queer story, I don't know. See • well, he had the first shack out in French Road, they used to say. And he left then. Well, he moved in our way. New Boston. And at that time, you know how churches, at that time, how strict they were. And he was Catholic, see • supposed to be. And he was; he's buried in a Catholic cemetery up there. It took a long while. When he left there and he moved in with New Boston, see, they wouldn't have anything to SMES ?? SERVICE ?? XmiMXAlXO' J?T WELLS & PUMPS' • Water Wells: DrUled & Dug > • Pumps • Test Holes • Water Conditioners Serving Cape Breton S642i45 E S T M O U N (Licence No. 264) do with him then, because he was living too much with the Protestants. (Oh, the Catho? lics wouldn't have too much to do with him.) No. They wouldn't have anything to do with him. Back in French Road, or around Louisbourg, the priests and that. Because they didn't like the idea of them --all his life he was with the Presbyteri? ans out in New Boston. So when he died, they buried him in the Catholic cemetery at the end of it, but they had a job to • they buried him from that little Catholic church at Mira. But they said they had a job to get them to have anything to do with him. But he got in there, and he's in there. {Allan laughs.) Where he went from there, I don't know! ' Our thanks to Beth MacNeJI, Beaver Cove, for collecting songs and stories from Allan MacLeod. And thanks to Effle Rankin, Mabou, who tran? scribed these songs in Gaelic as they were sung by Allan. She also provided the English. And to Ann Con noil at the Bea? ton Institute for providing the additional tape of Allan Mac? Leod singing for Father Errol MacDonald. Listen to Ian MacNeil for the inrormation you need to start your weekday mornings. Begin your day with the latest current affairs, sports, arts and culture • and news and weather with Yvonne Leblanc Smith. Three hours of interviews, features and fun. CBc#radiQJtfC jgy''lNIWS. AMD MRU 86
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