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ISSUE : Issue 2
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/1/1
You can plan 'your Winter Listening on CBI RADIO 1140 Here are some programs worth looking forward to: Monday through Friday: 5:45 to 9:00 INFORMATION MORNING, a musi? cal wake-up followed by News, Sports, Wea ther, Special Features, Interviews and Commentaries. It includes "The World at 8:00" and "The World at 9:00." 9:13 THIS COUNTRY IN THE MORNING with Peter Gzowski. A really interesting pro? gram put together by a man who remains personal while dealing with a wide vari? ety of topics. His warmth and sense of humor and solid intelligence make the program both entertaining and enlighten? ing. With the use of studio and phone interviews, book reviews and a meaning? ful selection of music, plus the aid of Helen Hutchinson and Danny Finkleman, Gzowski succeeds in making a Canadian community program. 2:30 THE MAX FERGUSON SHOW' Aided by Al? lan McFee, Max Ferguson presents a fast half-hour of anecdotes, recorded m.usic, satire and guests. 6:30 AS IT HAPPENS. This program does what you've always wanted to do: Barbara Frum telephones the people involved in major news events over the globe • and she asks them direct questions. This program is often remarkable listening. Saturday: 9:10 to 10:00. MAC TALLA AN' EILEAN USLAND ECHOES). Many Cape Bretoners, who used to have tea at 9:30, have changed it to 9:10 • to have it while listening to Gaelic Songs and stories selected by Rosemary Hutchinson. 10:13 THIS COUNTRY IN THE MORNING. A lighter, Saturday version co-hosted by Danny Finkleman and Warren Davis. 1:30 FAMILY FAVORITES, with Bill Paul in Toronto and Michael Aspel in London. Recorded music and messages from both sides of the Atlantic, directed to friends and relatives across the sea. 11:03 ANTHOLOGY. A very nice wav to end your week: a cup of tea and ANTHO? LOGY, an hour of poetry and short sto? ries, plus a talk about some aspect of Canadian literature. Sunday: 9:30 SUNDAY MAGAZINE, a comprehensive and detailed look at major news stories of the week, with contributions from correspon? dents around the world. 10:03 SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT. Here the emphasis is on arts and sciences. 11:03 GILMOUR'S ALBUMS. One of the most beautiful shows on radio. Clyde Gilmour takes you through music you'd almost never find on your own • and his devotion and careful research are as much a pleasure as the music he offers. 5:10 CROSS.COUNTRY CHECK-UP. They use the phones. A very sophisticated and intelli? gent talk-back show. 7:03 JAZZ CANADIANA 7:30 CELEBRATIONS. Good gospel with Tommy Ambrose and friends. Something more than background
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