Page 4 - Trap Fishing with Mike MacDougall
ISSUE : Issue 17
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1
The power boat lets go the others, which drift over the trap. Men on the door boat gaff the strongback rope • then haul up the door-bar, closing the trap. The men haul twine into cut boat; Mike looks for fish and signals collecting boat Phone (902) 794-7251 Cabel. BRENNANS Night & Holiday 736-8479 Telex 019-35149 794-3178 Brennans Travel Agency 158 QUEEN STREET, NORTH SYDNEY STEAMSHIP • AIRLINE • RAIL AND HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS At. Our New Location Better Health Centre 364 Charlotte Street, Sydney Offers a Large Range of Health, Vegetarian, Special Diet & Diabetic Foods and Vitamins C.O.D.Orders Accepts/Bulk Rates OBBN MON?FRI IHiOmt5'Z'XZ27 Health is Happiness
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