Page 15 - Stories about Buried Treasure
ISSUE : Issue 17
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1
Joe MacNeil, Sydney: There was one place, we were very suspicious of it. There was a boul? der of granite and there were no other gran? ite boulders round in that area. And there was a fairly large stone down there and it had been cut away, and there was just a fairly large piece left in the centre the full length of it • forming a cross on the stone. It wasn''t cut into the stone, but the rest of the stone was gone • like it was chiseled away or weathered, but this centre was raised a little bit, maybe a quarter of an inch or so. And the old man told us about this and of course we thought we'd find out if there was anything there. I tried it with the witch-hazel divining rod and I found there was some mineral there anyway. And another fellow who used to go with us, he tried and he said there was something there anyway. There was a big boulder over • not the one the cross was on • this was a boulder left down there • and we blasted that, put a charge in it and split the boulder and had it moved away from there' and we were dig? ging underneath that for part of the night • but we never got down to the chest or what? ever was there. ,0f course, treasures have been found, wher? ever they came from. A treasure was found out in Richmond County. A girl was working at a certain place and she told them she was looking for the cattle. When she was going down along the shore she saw a box, part of a box sticking out of the clay bank on the shore. And she came home and she told the merchants about seeing this box • it looked like a box anyway. So one day they went there, and they found the box with some treasure in it • there was silver or gold or some jewels or something in it. The story was that they gave her a dress • the merch? ants could well afford to give her a new dress as a reward for telling them she had seen it. I guess they ma8e a good profit' There was a lady telling me that her husband and two or three others went to an island • that was up in Richmond County, one of the islands. They went out supposed to dig, go? ing working on a buried treasure, and they went over at night to the island. And they started to dig down there. And all of a sud? den a storm came up • thunder and lightning and wind, and one of them said, "We'd better make it for home. The women will be dead thinking of us out here in this weather." So they made for the shore and went down and pushed the boat off the shore and they This summer, take a drive through the Nova Scotia Museum! Drive through the Nova Scotia Museum and you'll get to see a lot of the province while you're soaking up its history, because the sites and buildings that make up the Museum are spread from one end of Nova Scotia to the other. Check the list. There's something for everyone: Haliburton House • Perkins House • Prescott House • McCulloch House • Balmoral Grist Mill • Sherbrooke Village • Lawrence House • Uniacke House • Ross-Thomson House • Wile Carding Mill • Ross Farm • Barrington Woolen Mill • Lunenburg Fisheries Museum • 'Firefighters Museum of Nova Scotia • *Cavalier Block, Citadel Hill • *Nova Scotia Museum. They're all part of your heritage. Make them part of your summer. Nova Scotia Museum Yours to enjoy 1747 Summer Street, Halifax Phone:429-4610 • Sites open year-round.
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