Page 18 - Alex Storm Plans for Buried Treasure
ISSUE : Issue 17
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1
or shale block relatively flat, weighing over a ton. Straight across was written the following, just as it appeared: it 3TJt 0001T "The approximate bearing being: "What does all this signify? On driving ' back to our boat in Bay St. Lawrence, we learned of a wreck which had taken place a- round the turn of the century in the approx? imate middle of the sandy bay, directly western from Bay St. Lawrence • there had been no survivors as far as he could deter? mine." The thing is, the sandstone block is there. It's old, it's worn, and it's got .all these markings on it. It's a huge block of stone • it might very well weigh two ton. Local fellows think that these are the markings to the treasure. As to the compass reading, you know the magnetic bearings change over the years • they have a western declination • so the bearings are rather useless because you have to know when these carvings were made in order to be able to figure back your annual magnetic change. But it's very clear in the rock and I think the letters are about five inches long. And let's face it. That area there was o- pened up actually only about 50 years ago or so. And before that time, why would any? one want to make such a joke? The local people were too hard-working and preoccupied with other things to pull off a practical joke way down on the beach where nobody would ever see it. If it were a recent car? ving I'd say sure, a couple of hitchhikers while they were waiting for a ride • but this is old. Another treasure to be found is the Louis? bourg treasure. There was treasure and a considerable amount of treasure. I stand to be corrected, but at the time of the cap? itulation in 1745 they were allowed to keep the king's funds, gold and silver, and ev? eryone put his money in with the king's silver and gold and it was shipped to Framce and that was it. But at the time of the capitulation in 1758, no such terms were signed, and I know that at that time the town was very much in the money. Where did this silver and gold go? The French hid it • but where? My bet is that it is not hidden within the fortress proper, and that it was secreted to a prepared place outside of the fortress • a place prepared long in advance. I think the top-flight engineers who built Louisbourg built long in advance a safety deposit box, where your vsLLuables could be stored in case the fortress did ever fall. My theory is that the Louisbourg treasure was taken out of the fortress dur? ing the seige, just before they kneW they were going to surrender, and when they knew the tenns of capitulation would not be spelled out, permitting them to take their money back to France. The question-is, where? I have found, in and around Louisbourg, evidence of those kinds of activities by the French. I have found definite well-constructed French structures, vaults. I have found one in particular • they successfully created a pond in town, completely disguised as a natural pond. It's completely overgrown with woods, and it looks perfectly natural. The thing is that when I scrutinized this pond a few things didn't make sense. Maybe it's an eye that I developed over the years. The location, on a slope. I found that the borders of this pond are actually embankments, completely overgrown with spruce trees I covered with grass and spruce THE STUDIO QUILTS, HAND-WEAVING OIL PAINTINGS OF LOCAL SCENES Located in Bras d'Or Off Highway 105 where the view is magnificent The implications of Indian Battles for Land, Recognition and Human Rights are important for all peoples. The Micmac News publishes monthly reports on the Local, Provincial, National and Inter-national fronts of those Battles. It is a newspaper for Indian and Non-In? dians who want to keep up on Indian Af? fairs. StfBSCIIIBI MOW THE MICMAC NEWS P.O. Box 961, Sydney, Nova Scotia NAME ADDRESS *3.S0 pmr ymmr ' pyhlhkmd mpmfkly Or write and ask for a Sample Copy Public Information Centres Glace Bay and Port Hawkesbury Open Daily, June To September, 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. An insight into the atomic age through MODELS FILMS EXHIBITS Visits By Groups From High Schools, Service Qubs, Church Organizations Can Be Arranged At Any Time Of The Year
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