Page 9 - Sowing Oats and Hay
ISSUE : Issue 18
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/12/1
Then he'd fire the rest of it, usually Iinto a patch of ground that was seedless. He'd take up more seed and if there wasn't e- nough in the area, he'd do a few quick, circular motions of his hand, releasing seed as the hand turned, the seed falling in a way that filled in the obvious blank spaces among seed already on the ground. Then he'd take a step or two forward. And as he walked he'd watch at his side toward the area already seeded, and when he'd see a blank he'd fire at it overhand • a spit of seed filling the area, the seeds always neatly spaced. Roddie Hector started in with the harrow again when Dan Murdoch was about halfway through the field. He followed Dan Murdoch's route up and down the field; and finishing that he turned .and harrowed the entire field crosswise, burying most of the seed. Isle Royale Beverages Limited Your authorized COCA-COLA bottler 564-8130 562-4439 245 Welton St. Sydney, N. S. At Our New Location Better Health Centre 364 Charlotte Street, Sydney Offers a Large Range of Health, Vegetarian, Diet & Diabetic Foods arid Yitatoins C?0?D*Ordets Accepted/Bulk Rates OPEN >iON-PRI PaONE:5$2?l237 Health is Happiness Cape Breton's Magazine/9
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