Page 4 - Remembering the "Judique Flyer"
ISSUE : Issue 19
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/6/1
father taught you to be a driver?) Yes. But all the fellows that I fired for on the I&R;, if you wanted to know anything you asked them • and they knew an engine because they had to do most of their own repair work. I became a driver in 1934. There wasn't a special school. You studied it and they took you in and questioned you on different parts of the engine, air brake and all thato You answered the ques? tions and that was it. I fired an engine first • you'd be about nine hours on the engine, you got five dollars and 25 cents • that was big money then. You shoveled ten or twelve ton of coal both ways on the road • if you had a hard steaming engine. If you got a good Train Wreck at Inverness Junction HONDA. AUTHORIZED DEALER SALES SERVICE PARTS LEASING and MICHELIN TIRES CONVENIENT NEW DOWNTOWN LOCATION KEN YAZER MOTORS LIMITED CORNER GEORGE and PRINCE STREETS, SYDNEY/539-1500
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