Page 11 - Remembering the "Judique Flyer"
ISSUE : Issue 19
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/6/1
jacks to put under the cars there. We'd jack the cars out and get the blocks under them. Get them into the rail and then drop them on the rail. Get that car out of the way. One at a time, down to the last. If the car was empty, that was alright • but if it had, say, a load of lumber • that would have to be unloaded first. A fellow was killed on the track, shoving the handcar ahead of him. Steve Gillis's father. That's how Steve got on so young, his father was killed in a storm, shoving the handcar. The train came up behind them. And the gauge • the gauge for the track to gauge the rail in • and the gauge drove right through him. And there were two other fellows with him • they were on the outside, pushing the handcart • he was in the middle of them. And he was killed. Never heard the train coming, in the storm. Perhaps the wind was blowing from the north. They'd hear it coming in behind them from the south. The only place the train would blow would be at crossings, coming to a station. You wouldn't feel vi? bration, not in the wintertime. You wouldn't -feel anything. But in the sum? mer • I got off close myself, that I heard the rails rattling in the spikes • but she wouldn't do it in wintertime. Not with snow all around and ice • you wouldn't hear it. (Why did the train here start to go down?) I think myself they were shifting too many underground managers in the mine. The pro? duce of coal was going down. They tried to pick it up. But they started robbing • they were taking out what they should leave for protection of the mine, even robbing the coal along the slope going down. Well, all right, the falls started coming in then. And each new manager wanted to give him? self a name, how much coal they could pro? duce. They had experience enough in other mines, but they'd come in here taking the walls, safety pillars that were holding the roof up • and they lost four men killed at one pillar. Right in on top of them. When the mines went down the trains went down. Hughie Dan Maclsaac: I think it was the automobile that was the killer on the pas? senger train. Gussy Campbell: I really on Trar>s-Canada Hwy. • 'W 5 miles west of K Baddeck • Heated Swimming Pool • Laundromat - Camper's Store • Playground - Hot Showers • Hookups - Canoeing • Seafood Chowder House BADDECK - CABOT TRAIL KAMPGROUND RAJ'S GIFT SHOP and Canteen facing ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL MUSEUM, BADDECK, N. S. A unique selection of Gifts and Handcrafts Souvenirs of Baddeck Cape Breton & Films Nova Scotia Local and Scottish Tartan and Chinaware ___ CampGill V- Lighthouse Cape Breton Shopping Flaza Sydney River, Nova Scotia The Shop with the Answer to all Your Lighting Needs '.ENTOAl AND EASTERN ' TRUST COMPANY i SENIOR VIP PUN Ify(Hi'!re60oroiver this card entities vMi to some extra priviKges. CENTRAL AND EASTERN TRUST (]OMPANY 225 Charlotte Street, Sydney 539-9210
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