Page 10 - Lobster Factories around Cape Breton
ISSUE : Issue 20
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/8/1
L'Archeveque cannery crew. Front Row; Angus MacAulay (merchant), Dan Morrison, James Richardson, Ander? son MacKillop (teacher77 ?, Annie Morrison, ?. Middle Row; ?, John Rory MacKillop, Joe Boney, Sarah Ann, ?, ?. Back Row; Philip Morrison, Johnnie Morrison, John D. Mathe? son, Dannie MacKillop Cthe smackman for many years), Dannie J. MacKillop, Rod MacKillop, ?, Kenneth D. MacKillop, ?T Mabou, 1919: 1st Row:John Dan 'lac- Lean, Charlie Ro? bert MacDonald, John Francis "lac- Lean, Willy Gum? ming 3 ; 2nd:S andy Finley MacDonald, " '' Angus White, An? gus MacDonald, John Sis MacDon- ,?? aid, Dan Joe 'Tac- Lean, Duncan Mac-*,, Donald, "lalcolm ?. Finley R. HacDon- ' aid, Jimmy Macln? nis, Catherine Ann MacPherson; 3rd:John Huf'hie Maclnnis, Anp;u3 MacLean, John "'v Alex MacDonald, Katie Rankin,Cac-, sie MacDonald, Kenneth MacDonald. Mary Beaton, Katie ''larfjarot MacDonald. Christie Belle Beaton, Christie Belle MacDonald. Cauldron Restaurant Fresh Seafood a Specialty Our Licensed Dining Room is Open 7 Days a Week from 11 AM till 10 PM We are located on Pitt St., Sydney Mines near Princess Colliery We feature Cape Breton Devco Trout 736-6823 OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND Year Round Service to Cape Bretoners and their Friends.
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