Page 14 - Hooking a Rag Rug
ISSUE : Issue 3
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/3/1
IF=D WW p'BAC.K.lN'V.J' I B ' "' EACH StWF M?>OV • ftOR'lAP A frame such as Maisie is using is easy to make. Take two sticks 1" x 2" x 4', and chisel out a notch in both ends as shown in the drawing (1), Dan Murdoch, Maisie's brother, used pine. Take four pieces 1" x 2" x 4", notch and place as shown. Nail through, clinching the nails over a piece of steel, two from each side. (2) You now have four slots to receive a 1/2" x 2" piece of wood. Cut a piece of heavy wool cloth about 40" long and 4" wide. Double is lengthwise. Take an old belt ahd cut a 40" strip of leather about 3/8" wide. Put the leather over the joined raw edges of the cloth and tack them to the top edge of one piece of wood, with the cloth ex? tending beyond the wood. (3 and 4) Cut another piece of wool and another piece of leather and do the same to the other piece of wood. Take the piece of burlap you are going to hook and sew opposite sides with heavy thread to the strips of wool.(53 This frame will allow you to make a rug having one side a maximum of 40", Now turn the sticks away from one another (one or more times, depending on how long a rug you are making). (6) Take two sticks 1/2" x 2" x about 27". Put them through the openings in the 4?? sticks (7) and drive Nail 1. Pull the 4' sticks apart • get the burlap taut! • and drive Nail 2. Do the same to the other side. If the first side now seems a little loose, tap a small wedge between Nail 1 and the 4' stick. Finally you take heavy twine • lobster twine is good • and sew the other two sides of the bur? lap to the 27" sticks, drawing the burlap tight. (5) Frank McKnight Ltd. Everything Musical " 279 Charlotte Street Sydney 539-5030 Frank McKnight Ltd. Everything Musical " lEEWHIIESIOBELID Offering to Cape Bretoners and their friends quality imported woolens, china, and a handsome selection of men and ladies clothing THE WHITE STORE on the Bras d'Or Lakes Baddeck THE WHITE STORE GIFT SHOP in the Cape Breton Highlands Ingonish Cape Breton's Magazine/14
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