Page 12 - Advert: Cape Breton, Photos by Owen Fitzgerald
ISSUE : Issue 21
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/12/1
Cape Breton Photographs by Owen Fitzgerald Owen Fitzgerald, himself a Cape Bretoner, has captured the mood and character of the Island in a book of 88 unique, full-colour photographs. $9.95 Owen Fitzgerald received his photographic training at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto. For three years he was a photographer with the Cape Breton Post, during which time 200 of his photographs were carried on the Canadian Press Wire Service. His photographs have also appeared in the Toronto Star, Time Canada and Maclean's Magazine. He has also worked at the College of Cape Breton, the Glace Bay Heavy Water Plant and the Nova Scotia Communication and Information Centre. Some of his photographs are on permanent exhibition at Louisbourg and, with John Fortier, he is preparing a book of text and colour photo? graphs devoted to Fortress Louisbourg. This is to be published by Oxford University Press next summer. He has had exhibitions at Dalhousie University and Zwickers Gallery, Halifax and now owns his own photographic studio in Sydney. Robert J. Morgan who wrote the introduction to this book is Director of the Beaton Institute (Archives) at the College of Cape Breton, Sydney, President of the Old Sydney Historical Society, has worked for the Public Archives of Canada, was Head of Research and Senior Historian at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park, and has lectured at the University of Ottawa and Concordia University, Montreal. Owen Fitzgerald portrays the coastlines landscapes, cities, villages and farms, people and lifestyle of the island, in a manner that will endear this book to all Cape Bretoners and introduce the island to all Canadians.
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