Page 21 - A Pair of Stock Skates
ISSUE : Issue 3
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/3/1
jid U n 2" ring. He rounded the hot bar pared the hot ends as in this draw- it is used to make ends fit without it once again and put a little borax and put it back in the fire. He said He made the rings of iron, a coarser material' than the steel blades. He cut 7" of metal rod with a bolt cutter, 7" will g" over the horn of the anvil, then he pre* ing. The method is called "scarfing," and extra thickness at the joining. Ke heated or welding compound (flux) at the scarfing "Welding is like bread. Burn it and it's no good. Leave it raw and it won't stick. You have to get accurate heat at both ends. You have to watch your metal. You know it's ready when it's just starting to melt." He put it on the anvil, worked the ends together, started with light taps, then heavier ones, welding the ring. • ' ;. '" • • "??' • • -fM r 'm UeATHfiR, 5TR.AP5 A KjK ' OF "ROPe" TYlK
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