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ISSUE : Issue 23
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/8/1
THE CAPE BRETON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION New Business Development Team The New Business Development people at Devco are anxious to help you and the economy of the Island. If you have ideas or proposals that could lead to the establishment of a new business or industry or expansion of present industries to create long- term jobs and bring new income to Cape Breton, then come in and talk to the people involved with New Business Development. During the past year, people from many parts of Cape Breton Island dis? cussed their proposals for new and expanded businesses in the primary and secondary sector and in fishing and marine related industries. Some re? ceived valuable guidance in financing and management. Each person who con? tacted the New Business Development Division, whether they qualified for assistance or' not, is a better informed individual as a result of his or her discussion with Devco. Today, make a move to learn more about Devco's New Business Development program. Contact David Miller, Vice-President of Industrial Development or Danny White, Director of Secondary Industry or David Newton, Director of Primary Development or Bill McKee, Director of Fishing and Marine Related Industries. Call the toll-free number, Zenith 07763 or write to Cape Breton Development Corporation New Business Development P.O. Box 1330 Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 6K3 DEVCO Established to Hear and to Help
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