Page 14 - Rod and Rheta Campbell, Marion Bridge
ISSUE : Issue 24
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/12/1
supposed to be seditious. That they were telling people not to fight • which wasn't true. (Would a Witness join the ari'y and fight?) No. Because the Bible says not to. It says Christ's followers would be known by the fact that they have love for each other. Love is the fulfilling of God's law. So a Witness would not join an army. But I would not tell you not to join • that's your business. We knew a lot of young boys put in the concentration camp at Chalk River, Ontario. The ban said that I could not go to a home and talk about one of our books. But I could go with my Bible and talk all day. (Were a lot of Witnesses- ar? rested then?) Yes, quite a number. And R.C. M.P. in plain clothes were here and searched the house. If they had found any quantity of books, they would have had us arrested and fined or a jail sentence. And we were also under ban in Germany, and persecuted right to the death there • put into concentration camps. They got the same treatment practically as the Jews. But we didn't stop our work. We had a booklet, The End of Nazism • and we rolled them with an elastic. We would take sacks of them and four would go in a car and we'd sling them out in the driveways in the country. And in the cities you'd just walk along the street and distribute them. One night we did it after midnight. Dozens of Jehovah's Witnesses were out in Sydney, Glace Bay • all over. It was hectic. But you did it because you believed that it was going to mean life to others as well as yourself. (But you don't seem all that angry, look-_ ing back.) No. Because we expect that treatment. What did they do with theapos? tles? Didn't they do everything terrible to them, even to stoning Stephen to death? And if you'll read that account of Stephen in the Bible, it's marvelous the discourse he gave those Jews about what they should have been doing and what they had done. And they hated him for it. See, people hate the truth. They don't want the truth. They want, like Paul said, to have their ears tickled. Like in Jeremiah's day, when he told them Jerusalem was going to fall and there would be such a terrible slaugh? ter, they said. Prophesy unto us smooth things, don't tell us all that stuff. Well, that's how they have felt about Jehovah's Witnesses. And there were many times we'd sort of feel we had guidance from above, that the angels were sort of directing us. (You feel you've had that?) Oh n', yes. Jfeny times we've been in pretty strange circum? stances and things would clear up. So we've learned to do what Jesus said; Take ' no anxious thought of tomorrow. Each day has its own anxiety. I've often said I'd love to live my life over again. I'd love to be young and able to do the work again. A baptism in the Mira River. Our thanks to Larry and Donna Mikol, North River Bridge, who first told us about Rod and Rheta Campbell. CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA STDNBT RIVBR • OIBN DAILY 'TIL 10 P. M. BUY WITH CONRDENCE SAiismoN GUARHNra A DiTision of tttt F.W.Woolwoxth to. Umittd
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