Page 41 - Hector Carmichael and Alexander Kerr
ISSUE : Issue 24
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/12/1
high as we could. Then we straightened her up. VJhen the tide went down, the deck was clear of water. There were about 20 men there that day, and in two hours she was dry • not a drop of water. There were two pumps in her and about 10 men with buck? ets • didn't take us very long to bail her out at all. And after that, we got her go? ing. Alex; Now that was caused that. a funny thing, whatever Hector; There was an old fellow at Eng- lishtown. And he happened to be outside a- bout that time, and he heard the same thing that I heard • he heard the noise but couldn't understand what it was--the same thing. I heard just a few seconds before it struck. That was strange, you know. There was a rumpus one time and they were drinking. And there was a fellow when he was going home, whatever possessed him, he tried to go through the river down below the bridge • in place of going over the bridge. He went across the interval there and the river carried him away and he got drowned. And they were looking for him everywhere for two or three days. But there were two or three fellows in a boat up there one day, and this old Allan Bfec- Donald, he lived down below the river on the Murray side • he told those fellows in the boat a place to go • "Look over there, see if he's there on the bottom" • they went ever there and by gosh, they found his body on the bottom. Old Allan said that he was sitting one fine evening, a few years before then, and it was calm • he was sitting at the door, and he saw a man's hand sticking out of the water, wav? ing • right where they found that fellow. 'Well now, that was pretty funny. That's 1926. Norman; Didn't John Hector see something down here one day, and he pulled the horse and sleigh off the road into the snow and stopped. Hector; He claimed he met a horse with a casket, a funeral. Norman; His mother asked him, "Why did you pull off here?" He said, "Why? I'm letting the funeral by." Hector; But you know, I used to come round that cove all hours of the night, and I never saw anything. I remember one night how I met the ghost all right. But I found out in a little while it wasn't a ghost at all. I was coming around there one night • 12 o'clock or later • but, by gosh, right near the end of the cove there, the fellow was standing right in the middle of the road. And I figured he had a white shirt on him, black suit • and by god, I thought he was a man, you know. So I stooped down and got two or three rocks in the ditch of the road. I said, "Whoever you are, you better move or speak." And I let one fly. And I hit this thing and it jumped up, and it was a horse, a mare • and she had a white streak down her nose there. The way she was standing there, you'd think it was a man. And I'm sure there are fellows that run back, they saw that ghost there. Alex; That would be a real bochan. (But would you say no one ever saw any? thing? ) Hector; Oh, I don't know, you know. I don't know. I never saw anything. But my wife's brother, Norman, he lived down near Vifreck Cove, and do you know, he was going home one night and there was a man come out on the road from a house, and he was coming behind him. And when he'd stop, this man would stop. And at last he got scared, you know. Started running."And when he'd run, this man would run too. Followed him down t'o the cemetery. And In One Building Three Separate Businesses Contribute to the Progress and Shopping Enjoyment of Baddeck and Surrounding Areas Stone's Drug Store Baddeck Home & Auto Stone's Oolhing Centre Your Mini-Department Store InBaddeck H. D. Beaton, Prop. NEWLY OPENED
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