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Alexander Graham Bell

Crossword and Webquest/tour

1   2     3                    
4                     5 6      
      10       11                
4. The Silver Dart was an —
5. What served as the airfield for the first flight in Canada?
7. What was the name of Bell's kite cell?
8. Where was Alexander Graham Bell born?
9. Who was first to fly an airplane in Canada?
11. Where did the first flight in Canada take place?
12. What does HD stand for?
13. What member was the first to die in a plane crash in Canada?
1. Who worked with Bell on the HD4?
2. The first Bell kite to lift a man was called —[two words]
3. What was Bell's wife's name?
6. What does the first A stand for in AEA?
10. Name another member of the AEA, beside Bell and Baldwin and Selfriedge.


Three of Alexander Graham Bell's inventions are the telephone, the Silver Dart [first airplane to fly in Canada], and the HD4—at 60 knots the fastest hydrofoil in 1919.

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You can go on a webquest for more information about Alexander Graham Bell, his life and inventions in Cape Breton, and his contribution to the world by visiting these sites:

When you complete the Bell Crossword and have taken the Virtual Tour, you will know a lot about early flight and Alexander Graham Bell’s inventions. Now write a short paragraph about Alexander Graham Bell’s place in your life.

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