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Chasing Ghosts

a Crossword Puzzle Webquest

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2. John Hart believed in forerunners. What forerunner told him that his aged mother had died?
4. Margaret Brown saw a dead man in the doorway. The third priest told her to do what to it?
5. First name of young coal miner afraid to walk past the graveyard.
6. Bob Fitzgerald tells us that pirates would kill someone and bury with treasure, in order to _____ the treasure.
7. After they went to bed, Eddie Fraser heard what moving, being dragged?
10. Papa used to tell ghost stories. But first he would tell a _______ story.
11. A hand waves from the water—and a drowned person was found in a story told by ______ Carmiichael.
13. Skating on the lake, Val Poirier remembered "in the wintertime seeing __________ skaters.
14. Mary Sarah MacNeil said there were lots of ghost stories at Long Island, such as “an oldman riding on a†what?
15. Fr. John Angus Rankin “had experiences, but I was forced to face them--and it was (always) something†–what?
16. Mary Sarah says ghost stories are only stories, not true. But then she tells us that people saw—what?
1. Two days before a ship wrecked and came ashore, a fellow saw a vision of 8 or 9 men. What were they wearing?
2. The “ghost†of this story was hiding under this.
3. In the story called “The Forerunner†there were knocks on the door. How many knocks were heard?
4. Fishermen at Grand River heard what blowing against the house on a calm day?
8. Yvon LeBlanc told of a ghost see at Fortress of ____________.
9. Danny Mike Chiasson did not believe in ghosts. What did he think could help a even a sick horse?
12. “I never saw a ghost. But I have seen a forerunner of a living person.†What was Eddie doing? [2 words]


Cape Breton’s Magazine has been collecting Ghost Stories for over 25 years. Sometimes they were searched for directly, but often they simply came up in conversation—because ghost stories have been a large part of the Cape Breton story.

The goal of this project is to search the magazine for ghost stories, Words for the Crossword puzzle will be found in the stories. In the end, you may want to write a paragraph about ghost stories, asking yourself—Why do people tell Ghost Stories? Do you like to read them? Does it always matter whether or not the story is true?

The Crossword Puzzle:



Cape Breton’s Magazine

  1. Issue 3, Page 9
  2. Issue 2, Page 2
  3. Issue 14, Page 14
  4. Issue 15, Page 19
  5. Issue 17, Page 12
  6. Issue 24, Page 21
  7. Issue 34, Page 58
  8. Issue 39, Page 82
  9. Issue 39,Page 82 and 83
  10. Issue 17, Page 29
  11. Issue 25, Page 15
  12. Issue 25, Page 15
  13. Issue 25, Page 19
  14. Issue 25, Page 19
  15. Issue 45, Page 61
  16. Issue 54, Page 43
  17. Issue 56, Page 14
  18. Issue 57, Page 36
  19. Issue 57, Page 48 
  20. Issue 68, Page 65


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