Cape Breton’s Magazine Curriculum Units 

Grade 6



Focus: Jewish Immigration to Sydney & Surrounding Areas

Unit 6 Social Studies

Canada- A Multicultural and Multiracial Mosaic

Outcome 6.6.1  demonstrate an understanding of how cultures from around the world have participated in the development of  Canadian Culture. 

Lesson Plan:

Magazine Volume Issues:

Anna Blufarb’s Second World (Deceased)

Volume 72 pgs.59-78

Front Loading Activity:

Have the students in pairs talk about truths. What is truth? How does it feel when someone says they don’t believe you? Brainstorm a list of words describing how a person would feel if they were not believed. Ask the students about the cautions of keeping things bottled up inside of them.


“I think I am like a cat I have nine lives.”

Have students write what they think this means.


Show Anna Blufarb’s Picture to the children and have the students write about who they think she might be. Does she look like your grandmother in many ways? What do you think her life was like? If she were here now what things would you want to ask her about growing up during world war two. (World War II 1939-1945)

Focus Words:

Ghettos   atrocities   colander   barter system    confiscated  

Kosher     synagogue      Yiddish    communist    exploit   seamstress   Polish     Ukrainian      shiva (seven days of mourning) 


Notes to teacher:

This article is one that is told in the first person and one that is truly easy to read. However, because of its length we would recommend that you read the autobiography aloud to your students.

Article Reading……..

Issues to focus on:

·       Remedies for Infection Past/Present

·       Means of Survival

·       Privileges within the Ghetto

·       Self Preservation

·       Individuals Who Helped Rescue Jews

Character Web

Write the character's name inside the circle. Think about different ways to describe the character and write your ideas on the line below.

Name: _________________________________      Date:_______________________






Prepared by:____________


Sad Character Web

Using the character web you can get the students to write down words that are associated with Anna Blufarb and her life story while in the Ghetto. Keep in mind that fear is reflected in the storyline. However, in the beginning of the story she appears to be a very happy young girl. Ask for details from what was read that proves she was happy.

As the story progresses, you begin to see the pain and suffering she endures. Have the students complete the feelings Anna must have had as well as the questions many Jews had at the time about what was happening all over Eastern Europe. Write these down in the “Middle” section.

Conclude with how she felt about why they survived and what do you think about what her purpose was in life.


Events Web

With this events web you can focus on the Who, What Where, When Why and How … this could have happened to Anna’s family. Think about her father and what he endured before his death. This could be your main idea or concept. Web out from this.


Extension Activities

Letter Writing:

Fred Blufarb is Anna’s son who is living in North Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It would be a good idea to write a letter to Anna’s son and comment on his mother’s story in the magazine.


Have the students write a diary entry as if they were Anna when she was in the ghetto. Try to have them identify with her fears. Have them imagine the German police searching for her and her family. Write what Anna would be thinking about. You become Anna and try to capture her most inner thoughts.

·      Create a brainstorm of things that would run through your mind.

·      List ideas as to what you would try to do.

·      Think about your family

·      Think about what you have seen already

·      Think about who you could trust.

Further Exploration: Google the subject of Jews barred from Canada during World War 2