Cape Breton Magazine Curriculum Units 

Grade 8-9

Topic: Women’s Lives in Cape Breton

Focus: Literacy and the Writing Process

GCO 8 Students will be expected to use writing and other forms of representation to explore, clarify, and reflect on their thoughts and feelings, experiences and learning; and to use their imaginations.

Lesson Plan:

Magazine Volume Issue: 25(Margaret Mac Donald)

Coal Miners Wife

Pages 1-28

Magazine Volume Issue: 40( Lottie Morrison)

Cape Breton Nurse

Pages 1-11

Magazine Volume Issue: 35 (Hattie Carmichael)

Farm Life

Pages 1-11

Magazine Volume Issue: 37 (Rose Grant)

Crane Operator at Sydney Steel

Pages 15-20

Magazine Volume Issue: 67 (Gwen Pottie)

Bernado Home Child- “A New Life”

Pages 1- 12, 61- 70

Magazine Volume Issue: 47 ( Nan Morrison )

Living Life

Pages 1-20

Magazine Volume Issue: 56 & 57( Pt 2)( Josie Bredbury)

Our Good Life

Pages 17-28,    (Pt. 2) Issue 57 Pages 35-50

Teacher Note:

These articles reflect a variety of lives of women in Cape Breton.

They worked, they laughed, some prayed, and some were bold. What in their story makes them uniquely women? What makes each woman unique?  How does their experience differ from women today? Finally, do you think you could do the work these women did?

Front Loading Activity:

Do a carousel brainstorm technique about women of today.

Topics such as:

Women deserve equal rights to men

Women are stronger than men

Women are in high ranking positions in our work force

Women are good multi-taskers

Women are accepted in the work force as laborers

Women are paid equally as men in the work force doing the same positions.


Carousel Brainstorming


Write a series of questions or topics on separate sheets of paper.

Divide students into small groups (3-5) and have each group stand in front of a sheet  of paper.

Assign a role to each group member, e.g., recorder, encourager, monitor, etc. and assign each group a question.

Ask each group to discuss its ideas/responses to the question. Responses are written down on the chart by the recorder.

After a specified time, each group rotates to the next sheet of paper, reads the ideas and adds additional ideas. Be sure to rotate the role of recorder.

Continue until all groups have visited each paper.

Participants then walk around the room reading all of the posted ideas


Do you think that Rose Grant Young went home from the Steel Plant and did the cleaning and the cooking?