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Volume Index

No 1 (November 1972)

Anonymous. Le sorcier de Cheticamp, 13, 22

Bourgeois, Vincent. Discussion entre un Gaélique et un Acadien, 9

Cameron, Austin. Breeding behaviour of the grey seal, 2, 15-19, 24

Cremo, Lee. Lee Cremo speaks, 3-4, 24

Dann, Robert. Wildflowers of Cape Breton, ifc, 23

Hutchison, Rosemary. The future of Gaelic on Cape Breton, 8-10

Ingraham, Jack. A book talk: Watchman against the world, 11-12

MacNeil, Joe. Un duine gu'n churam, 10

Morrison, Dan Murdoch. How to make an axe handle, 5-7

Morrison, Mary & Annie Margaret. Chow: two Morrison ways, 11

Morrison, Sandy Kenny. Winter wear: mogans, 22, 24

Smith, Red Dan. Red Dan Smith makes rope from wood, 20-1


No 2 (January 1973)

Anonymous. Oidhche na calluinn, ifc, 11

- The Canada lynx, 1-2, 22-4

Caplan, Ron. The cougar on Cape Breton, 19

Deveau, Sophie. How to card and spin, 8-10

Googoo, Ellen. Making a Micmac basket, 3- 5

MacLeod, Malcolm. How to make snowshoes, 12-15

Morrison, Capt Harry C. Torquil MacLean and the Englishtown ferry, 6-7, 20-1

Walsh, Lillian Crewe. The wreck of the Ariadne, October 7, 1896, 16-18


No 3 (March 1973)

Anonymous. The celestial bear, a Micmac legend, 10-11, 18

- The 'pluck-me': life and death of the company store, 3-6, 24

Caplan, Ron. Planning a vegetable garden, 7- 9

Deveau, Sophie. Dans le temps des fraises, ifc, 18

Deveau, Mrs William D. An orange in Cheticamp, ifc

MacLeod, Roderick. How to splice rope, 22-3

MacPherson, John A. Bird songs in Gaelic, 12

Matheson, Alex. A pairof stock skates, 1-2, 20-2

Morrison, Maisie. Hooking a rag rug, 13-15


No 4 (May 1973)

Caplan, Ron. The eyestone, 23

Deveau, Sophie. Deux contes merveilleux pour les enfants: 'Le conte du fou' and 'Voyages à Bermuda',15-18

DuBois, Erika. Apples of Inverness County, 14-15

Ingraham, Jack. This was swordfishing, 1-4

- , Melvin Frikert, BobFitzgerald & Percy Dixon. A life history of the swordfish, 5-6, 24

Kanne, Mat. Survival kit, compass and topographic map, 10-11

MacDonald, Donald Garrett. How leather was sewn, and a pair of larrigans, 17-22

MacNeil, Joe. Joe MacNeil, storyteller, fc, 12- 13

Rosner, Jean. Trails out of Meat Cove, 7-9


No 5 (July 1973)

Caplan, Ron. How to make Alexander Graham Bell's winged-cell tetrahedron kite, 3-8

- How to turn back the evil eye, 19

- June 17, 1973, 23

- & Tommy Peggy MacDonald. Reiteach, a Scottish engagement rite, 20-3

Gallant, Marguerite. A visit with Marguerite Gallant, 1-2, ibc

MacInnis, Huey G & Earle Embree. Ice cutting at Canso, 9-11

Matheson, John J. John J Matheson, 95, ifc.

Neptune, Noel. How Glooskap found summer, 24

Nicholson, Jack et al. Remembering St Paul's Island, Part One, 13-19


No 6 (December 1973)

Bennett, Roy & Alex Huntley. The berthing of supertankers, 1-4, 21-4, bc

Caplan, Ron. A life history of the northern bald eagle, ibc, 18-20

Gillis, Lauchie C. Skinning a lamb, 13-15

Kendall, Wally et al. Howto bark tan hides and skins, 15-17

MacNeil, Dan. A story of Christmas Island, ifc

McEwan, Elizabeth, Kate McEwan, Mr & Mrs Wallace Bernard & Mr & Mrs Charley Herney.Waltes, an ancient Micmac game, 9-12

Petrie, Willy. Willy Petrie, a man who finds water, 5, 7-8


No 7 (March 1974)

Caplan, Ron. The life of the lobster, 10-14, bc

Carmichael, Hector. Hector Carmichael, a maker of songs, 15-17

Gallant, Marguerite. Leconte du loup et du renard, ifc

Matheson, Alex, Johnny Murphy, John Joseph Gillis, George Hamm & Malcolm MacLeod. In the NorthRiver lumber woods, 1-7

Morrison, Sandy Kenny.Sharpening a crosscut saw, 8-9

Seymour, Emily, Helen Martin et al. How we cured ourselves, 18-24


No 8 (June 1974)

Bolles, Frank. The Great Falls on Indian Brook, 1890, 22-4

Caplan, Ron. Edible wild berries of Cape Breton, ifc

LeLievre, Ulysses.Ulysses LeLievre and his boats, 18-21

MacDonald, Sadie & Neil R. How to make ceann groppi, 12-13

MacKay, George & Roddy MacMillan. When the Ross ferry got lost, 1-3

Morris, Isabelle Googoo.The first priest and the Indians, 14-15

Templeman, Wilfred. More about the lobster, 16-17

Townsend, Cleve. CleveTownsend of Louisbourg, 26-32

Tutty, Tius. Tius Tutty, codfish and handpick mining, 5-11

Williams, Mrs Lillian. How to make spruce beer, 4 


No 9 (October 1974)

Beaton, Mary Ann. Mary Ann Beaton makes country cheese, 14-17

Cameron, Mary Belle. More about Doctor MacPherson, 13

Campbell, Malcolm et al. A ceilidh at Malcolm Campbell's, 21-5

Caplan, Ron. Wreck Covehydro-electric investigation, 1-12

Chiasson, Hyacinthe. 3 Acadians on the ice, bc, 26-30

Julian, Joe & John Joe. 'Gluskap's journey' and a mastodon bone, 31-2

MacDonald, Jake 'the cook'. John 'the cook' MacDonald, ifc

MacLennan, John A. 'WildArchie' plays the bones, 18-20


No 10 (April 1975)

Adney, Edward Tappon [EdwinTappen] & Howard I Chapelle. The MicMac birch bark canoe, bc, 6-12

Flemming, Thomas et al. The sinking of the 'Caribou', 23-8

Gallant, Marguerite. Chandeleur, a feast of the candles, 1-6

MacLean, Joe Allan. Joe Allan MacLean, a tale of the round drover, 13-16

MacMullin, Donald John & Malcolm Campbell. Donald John MacMullin and Malcolm Campbell, ifc,29-32

Peterson, Raldolph et al. Moose, a Cape Breton extinction, 17-22


No 11 (June 1975)

Anonymous. The Micmac legend of Taken-from-Guts, 19-21

Haché, Marcellin. Marcellin Haché, 4 Acadian stories, ifc, 26-7

Hardy, Samuel et al. Remembering rum-running days, 1-18

Harvey, DC. Shipwreck at Little Lorraine, 28-32

MacDonald, Roddy Hector.The dump cart and hay truck, 22-5


No 12 (December 1975)

Cameron, Finlay. Finlay Cameron, 'Iain Mac an tuathanaic', ifc, 19-21

Comeau, Paul & John Erskine. The life of a raised bog, 9-13

Glode, Abram. Of waterfairies - two Micmac tales, 22-4

MacDonald, Hilda. Hilda MacDonald and Glendyer Mills, 14-18

MacLeod, John R & Bessie, et al. Stories from Inverness County, 1-8

Pemberton, Robert. Glace Bay makes a cannon for Louisbourg, 25-31


No 13 (June 1976)

Brown, Vivien M. The life of the Atlantic cod, 13-17

Dubinsky, Newman et al. Sydney harbour in World War 2, 27-40

Julian, Joe & John Joe.Micmac tales about badger, 20-2

MacDonnell, Hughie Dan. Hughie Dan MacDonnell: Ranald son of young Allan, ifc, 18-19

MacPhee, Annie. Annie MacPhee and a cup of tea, 9-11

McLeod, Rev Norman. 'Children,children, look to yourselves; for the world is mad', bc, 23-6

Morrison, Daniel K et al. Remembering the 'Aspy', Part 1, 1-8


No 14 (August 1976)

Blue, MC. How the Robinsons got so strong, ifc, 40

Chiasson, Gerard. Fishing gaspereaux on the SW Margaree, 4-9

Deveau, Sophie. 'Le conte du fou' and 'Voyages à Bermuda', 15-18

Erskine, John. Evidenceof early man on Cape Breton: incomplete history of Cape Breton Indians,10-14

Moogk, Peter. Fortress Sydney: manning the guns on the CB coast, 33-9

Murphy, Rory & Rita. Rita and Rory Murphy & moonshining days, 1-3

Nash, Ronald. Discovery on Ingonish Island, 1975, 13-14

Pottie, JD et al. Life and death of the 'Aspy', 19-26

Spencer, Edgar. Remembering life on Scatari Island, 27-32


No 15 (December 1976)

Algar, David. Dave Algartalks about beaver, 13-15, 22

Carmichael, Hector et al.The plaster quarry at St Ann's, 1-7

Dolomont, George. A visit with Capt George Dolomont, 31-2

Morrison, George & Michael MacLean. Lakeboats on the Bras d'Or, 23-30

Murphy, Peter Willy. Peter Willy Murphy, hoboing days, ifc

Smith, Perly W, Lew Hart, Alfred Reynolds & Lee Hart. John Hart of Port Hood - a scrapbook,16-21

Webb, Rev John. Fr John Webb builds stone buildings, 8-12


No 16 (June 1977)

Beamish, Peter & DW Sergeant. The whales in Cape Breton's waters, 18-23

Deveaux, Jean Z. Le marin et la bonne femme, 38-42

Hinkley, Jack Sam. A visit with Jack Sam Hinkley, 1-5

MacAskill, Danny, Eddie Gordon & Archie Carmichael. Mail and snow and roads and mud, 43-8

MacLean, Sara. The wreck of the 'Watford', 13-17

MacNeil, Joe. Joe MacNeil tells a wonderful story: Iain MacAn Iasgair Mhoir, 24-32

MacPhee, Melvin. How Hughie MacPhee made peace with the Campbells, ifc

Maillard, Rev Pierre Antoine-Simon. Father Maillard at a Micmac feast, 1758, 33-7

Marsh, James, Joe Laben, Mary Laben & Mickey Connors. Father Jimmy Tompkins of Reserve Mines, 6-12


No 17 (August 1977)

Caplan, Ron. The life of the great blue heron, ifc, 40-2

Dow, David. Pirate shipyard on the Mira River, 43-5

MacDougall, Mike. Trapfishing with Mike MacDougall, 1-7

MacKinnon, Angus Dan et al. Stories about buried treasure, 9-16

MacLennan, DN. From DN MacLennan's 'History of Grand River', 24-9

MacNamara, William James etal. Islands in the Strait of Canso, 46-8

MacNeil, Joe. Joe MacNeil's wonderful story - conclusion, 30-9

Pineau, Jack. Jack Pineau, the Glace Bay hobbyist, 20-2

Storm, Alex. Alex Storm plans for buried treasure, 17-19


No 18 (December 1977)

Carmichael, Harry. Making bricks at George's River, 29-31

Deveau, Mrs William D etal. How we buried our dead, 32-48

La Corne, St Luc de. The wreck of the 'Auguste', 1761, 10-17.

Lashley, Clarence & Mary. A visit with Mary and Clarence Lashley, 1-6

Livingston, HL. A theory of the Vikings on Cape Breton, 22-5

Morrison, Dan Murdoch. Sowing oats and hay, 7-9

Murphy, Johnny. Johnny Murphy, North East Margaree, 18-21

Parker, John. 'Permanencia': N Sydney's concrete boat, ifc, 26-7


No 19 (June 1978)

Bailey, Martha. Martha Bailey makes poked rugs, 48

Balcom, BA. New Englanders take Louisbourg, 1745, bc, 32-9

Campbell, Gussy et al. Remembering the 'Judique Flyer', 1-13

Caplan, Ron. Books of interest, 40-1

Deveau, Mrs Willy. The story of the Cheticamp rug, 42-6

Fairchild, Graham Bell. A note about Miss Lillian Burke, 47

Fairchild, Graham Bell. Moths and butterflies of Cape Breton, 21-7

Gwinn, Allen. Allen Gwinn: horse racing on the ice, 15-20

Joe, Rita. Rita Joe tells the legend of Mud-Lane, ifc, 14

Livingston, HL. HL Livingston talks about Peggy Doggy and the 'John Lauchlin' in the August gale,28-30

MacNeil, Joe Neil. A Gaelic tale of the Milky Way: the track of the children of Uisneach, 31


No 20 (August 1978)

Beaton, Kevin. Alexander Munro, early schoolmaster, 17-21

Caplan, Ron. Books of interest, 36-7

Embree, Earle, Alvin West & HL Crittenden. Ferries in the Strait of Canso, 22-8

Fitzgerald, Willy Pat. A visit with Willy Pat Fitzgerald, ifc, 31-5

Gallant, Marguerite. Marguerite Gallant: songs and stories, 39-47

Jackson, Elva. North Sydney harbour tragedy, 29-30

Morrison, DJ, AnnieMargaret Morrison et al. Lobster factories around Cape Breton, 1-15

O'Sullivan, Jerome R. The 'Astrea', 1834: a survivor's report, 38


No 21 (December 1978)

Anonymous. Mine explosion in New Waterford, 1917, 1-11

Campbell, Alex L. Cooke's camp: a letter and a song, ifc, 38

Clark, Andrew Hill. New England's role in the underdevelopment of Cape Breton during the French regime,1713-58, 29- 35

Hoffman, Bernard. Who ate what in the Maritimes: a diagram of pre-contact faunal and floral ecology; and a chart of Micmac animal subsistence, 36-7

MacDonald, John Alex John X, & Thomas A MacDonald. A milling frolic on the North Shore, 39-46

MacDonnell, Hughie Dan. A story from Hughie Dan MacDonnell: Red Conall of the tricks, 13-15, 17-21

Quance, Elizabeth, Arnold Ross & Dr Melville Grosvenor. Bell and Baldwin's hydrofoil: HD-4,bc, 22-8


No 22 (June 1979)

Dow, David. The meteorite that shaped Cape Breton, 17-21

Fortune, Alex & AD MacFadyen, Tina MacFadyen & Rudi Maga. This was Marble Mountain, bc,24-9

Langley Sr, Art. A visit with Art Langley, Sr, 37-45

MacDonald, Rev Charles. Rev Charlie MacDonald shoes bad horses, ifc, 46-8, ibc

MacKay, Dan, Doane Curtis, Mr & Mrs Bernie Galloway, & Emmerson Campbell. The 1923 strike in steel and the miners' sympathy strike, 1-16

MacNeil, Joe Neil. Joe Neil MacNeil tells a Fenian tale: Fear a' chota liathghlais or The man in the light gray coat, 30-6

Smith, Mary Red Dan. Mary Red Dan Smith and a spindle, 22-3


No 23 (August 1979)

Chiasson, Loubie. Loubie Chiasson tells Acadian jokes, ifc, 37-9

Doucette, Frank. Frank Doucette on Micmac ruggedness, 12-14

MacDougall, Mary Ann, Mike MacDougall, John James Whitty, Marcella Whitty, & Steve Whitty. MacDougalls and Whittys and songs, 1-11

MacEachern, George. The coming of the Trade Union Act (1937), 33-6

MacInnes, Johnny. Lobster fishing with Johnny MacInnes, 40-9

MacLellan, Lauchie. Lauchie MacLellan tells 'Lauchie's dream', 18-32

Parker, John. Building the Grand Narrows bridge, 15-17


No 24 (December 1979)

Blue, Dougald. When the employees owned the trams, 1-8, bc.

Boudreau, Anselme. La mine de plâtre a Chéticamp, 28-33

Campbell, Rod & Rheta. Rod and Rheta Campbell, Marion Bridge, 9-14

Carmichael, Hector & Alexander Kerr. Hector Carmichael and Alexander Kerr, 38-44

Cook, Amelia. AmeliaCook: great- grandmother's cures, ifc, 34-7

Martin, Calvin. The four lives of the Micmac copper pot, 15-27


No 25 (June 1980)

Buckley, Roald. From 'The saga of the reluctant piper', 49-52

Caplan, Ron. Pushing off at Wreck Cove shore, 23-5

Chappell, MR et al. How we got the Canso Causeway, 39-48

Christmas, Ben. Ben Christmas: chants and customs, 9-12

Haché, Marcellin. Marcellin Haché tells an Acadian story, 26-30

Langley Sr, Art. Art Langley, Sr: a comment on politics, ifc

MacDonald, John D et al. Stories from visits down north, 13-23

MacDonald, Margaret. Margaret MacDonald of Glace Bay, 1-8

O'Neil, Leonard & Eva. The pulp mill comes to the strait, 31-8


No 26 (August 1980)

Burrows, Samuel. Wrecked on the Cheticamp coast, 1823, 19-34

Campbell, Dan & Marion Horton. Life on Bird Islands, 41-7

Cook, Amelia. AmeliaCook: the Port Hood explosion, 35-7

- A windstorm, 35

David, Joe. Joe David: a story from Arichat, 13-18

Harris, Dave & DanBanks. Regarding the birds of Bird Islands, 48-52, ibc

Hart, Mary et al. Stories they tell about Duncan MacKenzie, 12

Howard, Sidney. Sidney Howard of Albert Bridge, ifc, 38-9

Rand, Rev Silas Tertius. An Indian turned into a Chenoo, 40

White, Johnny (Steven) & Jimmy Hannigan. Guiding for salmon on the Margaree, 1- 11


No 27 (December 1980)

Haché, Marcellin. An Acadian tale: 'Le chien noir', 28-31

MacDonald, Alex John X,Tommy Peggy MacDonald & Sandy Kenny Morrison. Gaelic precenting on theNorth Shore, 44- 8, ibc

MacKenzie, Kenneth. Kenneth MacKenzie, Northeast Margaree, ifc, 32

MacNeil, Rita. Rita MacNeil of Big Pond, 22- 7

Morgan, Robert. The separatist movement in Cape Breton, 33-43

Oleschuk, Mike et al. From conversations with steelworkers, 1-21


No 28 (June 1981)

Anson, CM (Clem). CM (Clem) Anson and steel, 43-55, ibc

Fitzgerald, Bob. Bob Fitzgerald and the big fish, 39-41

Hart, Elwood & Mrs. Poaching for salmon on the Margaree, 25-9

MacKinnon, Dan F, Russell Cunningham, Charles Bagnell, & Doug MacCormick. Working on the S & LRailroad, Part One, 1-15

MacNeil, Stephen W, JosieMacNeil, & Jim MacNeil. At the Glengarry mineral spring, ifc, 31-5

Maxwell, George. George Maxwell family stories, 17-23

Perrault, Rev Julien. A letter from St Ann's Bay, 1634, bc, 30

Rand, Rev Silas Tertius. A story of the Micmac chief, Ulgimoo, 37-8


No 29 (August 1981)

Cunningham, Russell & Charles Bagnell. On the S & L Railroad, Part Two, 22-6

Fraser, Mary, Rod Fraser, et al. Remembering the Pleasant Bay fire, 15- 21, bc

Haché, Marcellin. The story of 'Le fin valeur', 29-34

MacDougall, Mary Ann & John James Whitty. A twice-told tale, ifc, 27-8

MacGillivray, Allister. The Cape Breton fiddler: a talk with Allister MacGillivray, 35-48, ibc

Rose, Wishie. Wishie Rose: from 50 years at sea, 1-14


No 30 (December 1981)

Crowdis, William & Mary. Starting with our cover photograph . . . a visit with William and Mary Crowdis, ifc, 31-5

Daye, Bill, A visit with Bill Daye, painter, 23-30

Deveau, Marie, Marguerite Gallant, JJ & Denise Deveaux, & JJ Chiasson. Old tales of sorcery remembered, 1-14

Dubbin, Mabel Louise.With Mabel Louise Dubbin, VON, 19-22

Gillis, James D. James D Gillis: 'A little sketch of my life', 37-9

LeBoutillier, Herbert. A talk about George LeBrun, 15-18

MacRae, Georgie H. Fragments from mining at Gold Brook, 41-8.


No 31 (June 1982)

Anonymous. Shipwrecks on the Fourchu- Framboise coast, 1-13. See separate entries under John & Edith Hardy, Dan Norman MacLeod, Ralph Rafuse & Arthur Severance.

Atkinson, Allan et al. Serving on the mine rescue team, 47-6

Dugas, Walter. Walter Dugas & his fence, Arichat Ouest, ifc, 68, ibc

Hardy, John & Edith,& Bert Hardy. Wreck of the 'John Harvey', 8-9

Harris, Dave. On the banding of eagles, bc, 40-5

MacLean, Mickey, Johnny Murphy, Amelia Cook, Jimmy Hannigan, & Alex Storm. 5 strays from our first 10 years, 37-9

MacLeod, Dan Norman &Mrs, & Malcolm MacDonald. The wreck of the 'Marshall Frank', 10-13

Martin, Calvin. European impact on the Micmac culture, 23-35

Nicholson, Janie. A visit with Janie Nicholson, Baddeck, 15-21.

Rafuse, Ralph. Wreck of the 'Iceland II', 5-10.

Severance, Art & Sara. Wreck of the 'Mikado', 1-3, 5


No 32 (August 1982)

Anonymous. Local sea serpents: 3 reports, 28-32

Boudreau, Alex John. With Alex John Boudreau, Cheticamp Island, 1-13, 27

Campbell, Donald. A letter from Big Bras d'Or, 1830, 32-3

Caplan, Ron. Book review: Genius at work, 45

Daye, Bill. Bill Daye: stories for Susie, 14-21, 34-5

Hermann, George. Cartier and the Cape Breton shore, 22-6

- Why north is down, 27

McNeil, Patrick, Bert Gouthro & Archie MacDonald. Horses in the coal mines, 36- 43

Shaw, John. Book reviews: Skye and Fraser collections, 44-5

Shedden, Leslie. Leslie Shedden, Glace Bay photographer, ifc, 47-8, ibc, bc


No 33 (June 1983)

Caplan, Ron. Book review: Micmac quillwork, 40

- Capt Holland's plan for Cape Breton, 1767, 28-32

Erskine, John. John Erskine: 'Under the forest', 49-52

Livingston, HL, HowardReid, Dan E MacQuarrie et al. Cape Bretoners in World War One, 1-9,11-15, 17-27

McLeod, David A. Capt David A McLeod: my early years, 41-7

Poirier, Wilfred M. With Wilfred Poirier, lobster buyer, 53, 55-60

Samson, Joseph D. Joseph D Samson: 'Guillaume sans peur', 33-9

Severance, Arthur. Art Severance: a tale from Truthful Paul, ifc, 48


No 34 (August 1983)

Caplan, Ron. Book review: The well-watered garden, 35

Daye, Bill et al. World War I continues: coming home from overseas, 13-20

Fraser, Bill. Bill Fraser, superintendent RCMP, rtd, 21-6

Jackson, Frank E. With Frank E Jackson of North Sydney at 99, 37-9, 41-8

LeBlanc, Yvon. Yvon LeBlanc, architect Fortress Louisbourg, 49-60

LeLievre, Annie J. A letter re Fr Jimmy Tompkins and Fr Moses M Coady's relationship, 32

MacDonald, Hilda & Helen Kendall. World War One continues: nursing sisters in England and France, 1-7

MacDonald, John 'the cook'. John 'the cook' MacDonald splits fish, 32

MacLeod, Ken & Leslie Reid. World War I continues: the Halifax explosion & going to Siberia,7-12

McLennan, Katharine. Paintings by Katharine McLennan, bc

Murphy, Bowden. BowdenMurphy: 24 years splitting fish, ifc, 31, 33-4

Rand, Rev Silas Tertius.The magical dancing doll, 27-30


No 35 (December 1983)

Brown, Richard. Brown's 'Early history of the coal trade', 31-7

Carmichael, Hattie. Hattie Carmichael of the Meadow Road, 1-11

Epstein, Dave. A visit with Dave Epstein, 39- 46

Glode, Sam. Sam Glode: travels of a Micmac, 21-9

LeFort, Gwen. Gwen LeFort, war bride in WW I, 47-52

MacLean, Sandy. Old cures from Sandy MacLean, ifc, 20

MacLeod, Dan Alex. Dan Alex MacLeod: 'I moved houses', 13-19

MacLeod, Mary K. Book review: The glen: An Gleann's an Robh mi og, 11


No 36 (June 1984)

Brown, Richard. Early history of the coal trade, Part 2, 56-63

Cozzens, Frederic. A tourist in Louisbourg, 1858, 18-29

Erskine, John. Flowers of the plaster rock, 45- 8.

Johnston, AJB. Regarding the 1895 monument, 31-3

MacDonald, Bessie & Roddy. Rolling balls of yarn, 40-1

MacDonald, Johnny. Travels with Johnny 'Butch' MacDonald, 1-17

MacKenzie, Archibald J. A Gaelic story by Archibald J MacKenzie: Bodaich rolaisteach Gleann Na Suidheag / The yarning old men of Strawberry Glen, ifc, 49-53

Morris, Noel. Noel Morris' encounter with the devil, 43-4

Siepierski, Karoline.With Karoline Siepierski, Whitney Pier, 34-9

Whitty, Steve. A visit with Steve Whitty, Ingonish Beach, 64-72


No 37 (August 1984)

Bulley, Harry Albert. Harry Albert Bulley: accidents averted, 21-6

Frank, David. From 'company town' to 'labour town', 27-39

Gillis, Angus. Water divining: Angus J Gillis, Mabou Hbr, 54-60

Jackson, Elva E. A legend reconsidered: 'Granny Ross': 1) The little woman; and 2) with Elva EJackson, 1984, 41-53

MacNeil, Dan. Dan MacNeil and the devil, ifc

McGrady, Chris et al. Women in the steel plant, World War 2, 1-14

Young, Rose Grant. Women in the steel plant, part two: Rose Grant Young, crane operator, 15-20


No 38 (January 1985)

Forbrigger, Bill. BillForbrigger and coastal schooners, 57-64, ibc

Gillis, Katie Margaret(Rankin). With Katie Margaret Gillis, Mabou Coal Mines, 1- 15

Gold, Sara M. A socialworker visits Cape Breton, 1925, 22-5, 47-50

MacDougall, Mike. From 'Mike MacDougall's tape for Fr Hector', 17-21

Morgan, Robert. JFW DesBarres' plans for Sydney, 1785: the founding of Cape Breton colony, bc,26-36

Prosper, Wilfred. A visit with Wilfred Prosper, Eskasoni, ifc, 51-6

Rankin, Effie MacCorquodale. Allan the Ridge MacDonald, Gaelic poet: an introduction to the Mabou bards, 37-45


No 39 (June 1985)

Caplan, Ron. Searching for 'Donald from Bras d'Or', 19-22

- The steel boom comes to Sydney, 1899, 33-53

Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty'. Fiddle tunes as played by Winston 'Scotty' Fitzgerald, bc,71-3

MacDonald, Dr Austin. Dr Austin MacDonald, down north, 1-17

McLeod, David A. Adventures of Capt David A McLeod: in the August gale, 1873; more sailing days; struck by an iceberg, 63-70

MacMillan, Mary. Mary MacMillan at Ben Eoin, ifc, 31-2

MacNeil, Beatrice T. Beatrice T MacNeil's play; 'The dream', 23-30

MacNeil, Mary Sarah. Mary Sarah MacNeil remembers Long Island, 74-84

Samson, Joseph D. Joseph D Samson tells an old tale, 55-61


No 40 (August 1985)

Denny, Alex. A talk with Grand Captain Alex Denny, 45-8

Fairchild, Marian (Bell). A letter, 1922: Alexander Graham Bell dies at Baddeck, 55-8

MacDonald, Dr Austin. Dr Austin MacDonald: how we got the hospital down north, 13-26

MacKinnon, Rory. Tales from Rory MacKinnon, Sugar Loaf, ifc, 50-3

Marshall, Noel, Elsie Clews Parson & Sarah Denny. St Ann's Day mission, Chapel Island, 31-43

Morrison, Lottie. With Lottie Morrison from Gabarus, 1-11

Smith, Jackie, Raymond Smith & Donnie Smith. Smelt fishing on the North River ice, 67-72,ibc

Tompkins, Rev Jimmy. Fr Jimmy Tompkins speaking, 27-30

Wilmot, Johnny. Johnny Wilmot: talk and tunes, 59-66


No 41 (January 1986)

Bagnell, Charlie & Ed Levy. Louisbourg fishermen rescue US seamen, 1942, 55-9

Cranford, Paul. Cape Breton fiddlers on early LPs: a new tape offer, 42-6

Curtis, Helen, George Rambeau & Dan Cameron. Searching for Cape Breton folk songs, 16-23

Googoo, Isabel Morris. A Micmac tale: 'Micmac flight', 60-2

MacLeod, Dan Alex. Dan Alex MacLeod: a working life, 1-15

MacNeil, Josie & Jim. With Josie and Jim MacNeil, Big Pond, ifc, 63-4

Pacifique, Rev RP. The early history of St Ann's (Englishtown), 24-9

Smith, Mary Elizabeth Wood. Diary: Mary Smith of Smithville, 1890-92, 48-54

Stuart, Robin. Robin Stuart, salmon farmer, 30-41


No 42 (June 1986)

Anonymous. George Alfred Beckett: story & song, 53-62

Chisholm, Archie Neil. With Archie Neil Chisholm of Margaree Forks, 67-79

Elmsley, Robert. Rbt Elmsley's 'Early history of Baddeck', 25-31

Lalemant, Rev Gabriel. A shipwreck at Canso, 1629, 64-6

MacLellan, Marie. A talk with Marie MacLellan, pianist, 33-40

MacLeod, Alistair. 'As birds bring forth the sun': a new story by Alistair MacLeod, 12-16

Morrison, MD. Presbyterianism in old Cape Breton, 41-51

Murphy, Bowden. Bowden Murphy: a brief tale, ifc, 80

Naish, Gordon. Gordon Naish: Dosco miner introduction, 17-24

O'Hare, Lexie. Lexie O'Hare went to Boston, 1-11


No 43 (August 1986)

Bartlett, Isabel. Isabel Bartlett remembers George, 1-16

Beaton, Dan Angus. Dan Angus Beaton: a Gaelic tale, 41-6

Cautley, RW. Searching for the Highlands National Park, 1934, 17-29

Jerome, Nicholas. The man who married the beaver, 67-9

MacPhee, Doug. With pianist Doug MacPhee, 31-40

Markham, Beryl. Beryl Markham's transatlantic flight, 1936, 47-56

O'Hare, Lexie. With Lexie O'Hare, Big Intervale (Part 2), 57-66

Parker, Lewis. Lewis Parker: a work in progress, ifc, 69-72

Samson, Joseph D. Joseph D Samson of Petit- de-Grat, 73-80


No 44 (January 1987)

Best, Wilfred & Mac. Wilfred Best: 'The merchant's song', 20-4

Caplan, Ron. A new book of Cape Breton fiddle tunes, 55-7

Dunphy, Andrew. An elegy by Andrew Dunphy, 77-8

Goyetche, Maria. From talks with Maria Goyetche of Petit-de-Grat, 47-51

Knight, John. A canoe trip in Cape Breton, 1885, 70-5

MacKinnon, Neil A. Neil A MacKinnon of Rear Beaver Cove, bc, 58-64

MacLennan, Sandy et al. Working on the Sydney coal piers, 25-46

MacNeil, Joe Neil. JoeNeil MacNeil, Gaelic storyteller, 65-9

Rideout, Theodore. Theodore Rideout: 'I went sealing', ifc, 53-4

St Clair, Jim. Folkmapping: Cape Breton examples, 16-19

Syverson, Alexandre et al. On the road to the Canada Winter Games, 1-15, 79-96


No 45 (June 1987)

Beaton, Dan Angus. Dan Angus Beaton: 'colainn gun cheann', 39-43

Fraser, Dawn. Dawn Fraser, writer: selections, 72-9

Green, Claude & Stephen Gomes. Icebreakers around Cape Breton, 26-38

MacEachern, George. From George MacEachern's autobiography. 'I joined the Unemployed Union in 1931',ifc, 53- 8

MacQueen, Margaret Martell.The Martells of Flint Island Light, 44-52

Morrell, Anne. Anne Morrell, Margaree Valley. 'Seasons of my life', 17-25

Rankin, Donald et al. The Donald Rankin family and harness racing, 1-16, 80-92

Rankin, Rev John Angus. With Fr John Angus Rankin, Glendale, 59-71


No 46 (August 1987)

Chiasson, Anselme. Seal hunting out of Cheticamp, 50-3

Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty'. With Winston 'Scotty' Fitzgerald, 1-20

Gillis, Alex. Alex Gillis and the big sleigh or, 'The servant on the mountain', ifc, 59-62

MacLeod, Donald. Gloomy memories by Donald MacLeod. Eyewitness to highland clearances, 29-36

MacRae, Frank & Margaret. A visit with Frank & Margaret MacRae, 63-79

McGillivray, Alexander & Duncan McIntyre. Cape Breton miners speaking, 1888, 54- 7

Rigby, John, George Hedden, Howard Yorke & Aloysius Burke. Caribou sinking, & Grandmere: 1942, bc, 37-49

Tuck, Robert C. William Harris - architect of Broughton, 21-7


No 47 (January 1988)

Beaton, Dan Angus & Catherine. With Dan Angus Beaton, Blackstone: farm life, dredging on theGreat Lakes, and tales, 68-84

Cranford, Paul. Bagpipe tunes transcribed by Paul Cranford, 65-7

Hewson, John. Introduction to Micmac hieroglyphics, 55-61

MacInnis, Merrill. 'But we went out after mackerel . . .', 39-44

MacNeil, John Dan & Mickey MacNeil. 2 Gaelic tales: John Dan MacNeil and Mickey MacNeil - with portraits of the speakers by Ellison Robertson, 45-50

Morrison, Nan (Mary Ann). A visit with Nan Morrison, Baddeck, 1-20

Roberts, Austin. Austin Roberts' Second World War, 21-38

Ryan, Mary. Mary Ryan: a woman's account, 51-3

Severance, Art. Art Severance and 'Burnt' John, ifc, 63-5


No 48 (June 1988)

Ballagh, Kieran. Kieran Ballah remembers MJ, 75-95

Holland, Jerry. Jerry Holland: fathers and sons, 15-33

Johnston, AJB. Before the Loyalists: Acadians in the Sydney area: 1749-1754, 59-64

MacDonald, Johnny Allan. Johnny Allan MacDonald of Enon, 1-13

MacLeod, Annie MacDermid. Aunt Annie MacLeod, Wreck Cove, 35-58

Preston, Brian. Searching for the pioneer log house, 69-74

Timmons, Sid. Sid Timmons: pit stories, ifc, 65-8


No 49 (August 1988)

Bolles, Frank. August birds in Cape Breton, 1893, 35-43

Creighton, Helen. 3 Cape Breton Acadian folktales, 44-7

Donovan,Maurice, Emma Donovan, Tom Doucette & Leona Doucette Dunphy. Stories from the ClyburnValley, 1-20

Hareguy, Darlene, Bob Liebke, Roy Burchell, Marie Duguid & Isobel Cooper. We worked for General Instruments, Part I, 73-96

MacNamara, Billy James. Billy James MacNamara of Evanston, 55-72

Minglewood, Matt. From talks with Matt Minglewood, bc, 21-34

Patterson, Rev George. A missionary trek in Cape Breton: from Rev George Patterson's Memoir of the Rev James MacGregor, published in 1859, 49-54

Walsh, Lillian Crewe. A story from Lillian Crewe Walsh: Story of Dicky Melbourne, ifc, 48


No 50 (January 1989)

Anonymous. A guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine, 53-62

Eyking, John. FarmerJohn Eyking: the Holland years, 35-52

Fergusson, C Bruce. A F Church and his county maps, 78-82

Hareguy, Darlene, Bob Liebke, Roy Burchell, Marie Duguid, Ann Young & Mary Hawco. We worked for General Instruments, Part II: the conclusion, 1-26

Patterson, Katherine MacNeil, Dan Angus Beaton & Joe Neil MacNeil. Stories told about the bagpipes, ifc, 83-91

Robertson, Raymond P & Billy James MacNamara. The 1929 earthquake: two memories, 27-34

Theriault, John J &Sadie. With John J and Sadie Theriault, 99-116

Turnbull, Gertrude Boutilier. A visit with Gertie Boutilier Turnbull, 63-77

Whitehead, Ruth Holmes. From Ruth Whitehead's Micmac album, 92-8


No 51 (June 1989)

Baker, HE. Signing your life away, number two, 14

Basque, Max. A visit with Max Basque, Whycocomagh, 15-29

Benjamin, SGW. Cruising Cape Breton, 1878 & 1884, 49-57

Bird, Miriam Ruth MacRae & Alice MacRae Smith. California to Cape Breton, 1917: Aunt Ruth's first trip home, 1-13

Britain. Colonial Office. CB resources and industries, 1816: a sketch of memorandums on the local andnatural advantages of the Island of Cape Breton, 60-2

LeBlanc, Barbara. 'It is wrong, wrong to dance . . .' : an introduction to Cheticamp- area dance prohibition, 37-48

Peters, Percy. Percy Peters and the wild cow, ifc, 30-6

Rambeau, George. George Rambeau tells a forerunner, 63-4

Sidney, Bill, Fred Courtney, Murray Matheson, Gordon Scott & Elmer 'Porky' MacMullin. The Glace Bay 'Cinderella' Miners, bc, 65-92

Smith, Evelyn. A funny Gaelic story for the serious learner, 58-9


No 52 (August 1989)

Basque, Max. Max Basque,Whycocomagh - Part 2, 53-65

Cooke, Alex. Alex Cooke's North Mountain diary, 36

Fitzgerald, Bob. Shipwrecks at White Point, ifc, 66-72

MacDonald, Charles. Charlie MacDonald, taxicab driver: from 58 years behind the wheel, bc, 73-88

Murphy, Frank. Frank Murphy and the open hearth, 1-22

Shears, Barry. The bagpipes in Cape Breton, 37-52

Smith, Ella & Joanne Donovan. With Ella Smith and Joanne Donovan, 23-35


No 53 (January 1990)

Cameron, John Donald & John Allan. Our uncle, Dan R MacDonald, 1-18

Gobineau, Arthur. Gobineau's portrait of Sydney, 1859, 34-9

Langley Sr, Art, Wishie Rose & Kenneth MacKenzie. Three strays: portions of interviews notpreviously published, 18- 20

MacDonald, Charles. Cabdriver tales: more stories from 58 years behind the wheel, 59-68

MacGillivray, Billy. With Billy MacGillivray in Boston, 27-33

MacIsaac, Dan Hughie. Dan Hughie MacIsaac, Broad Cove Banks: 'two stories my grandfather told', ifc ,40-4

May, Elizabeth. On the trail of Elizabeth May, 21-6, 45-58

Nardocchio, Dominic. A talk with Dominic Nardocchio, 69-88

Whitehead, Ruth Holmes. Kluskap's Cave - Fairy Hole - regarding our back cover photograph (with description on p20). Photo by Carol Kennedy, bc, 20


No 54 (June 1990)

Chiasson, Danny Mike. Danny Mike Chiasson, Belle Cote, 39-49

Cowley, John. 'Cap'Cowley - a salvage tug captain, 1-14, 70-80

Davidson, Estwood. Estwood Davidson: travels with Beattie and Winston, 81-100.

Gobineau, Arthur. Gobineau: Cape Breton's people, 1859, 52-8

MacIsaac, John A. From visits with John A MacIsaac, 59-69

MacNeil, Joe Neil. Stories from English into Gaelic, 33-8

Mleczko, Hilda. With Hilda Mleczko, Glace Bay, bc, 18-32

Peach, Earle. Earle Peach: a Homeville memory - an excerpt from Memories of a Cape Breton childhood, 15-17

Stewart, Ron. Knox church: the day the floor fell in, ifc, 50-1


No 55 (August 1990)

Buffett, Clara. Clara Buffett remembers Hilda Wright, 33-40

Cranford, Paul. 3 new fiddle tunes from recent tapes, 68

Curtis, Helen, Rose Curtis Burton & Monica Curtis McNenly. 'The time we had for one another': the Curtis family & songs, 1-26

Haché, Marcellin. Acadian story: 'Les trois enfants brulés,' 66-8

Muggah, Sydney E. The story of HMS Pelican: a speech by Sydney E Muggah, ifc, 48-52

MacRitchie, William ArthurDillon. Bill MacRitchie and early flight, plus LB 'Bricky' Stevenson & the Cape Breton Flying Club, 69-88

Plessis, Joseph-Octave. Bishop Plessis visits Cape Breton, 1815, 41-7

Reppa, John Stephen.Mystery at Blackett's Lake, 27-32

Wilson, Jim. Cockfighting: an introduction, 53-65


No 56 (January 1991)

Anonymous. Louisbourg: the phoenix fortress, by Chris Reardon, AJB Johnston & Steven Shipp, 32

Boularderie, Antoine Poupetde la. Signing your life away: a letter from Poupet de la Boularderie,29-32

Bredbury, Josie Matheson. From Breton Cove & Boston: conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury, 17-28

Caplan, Ron. The Cape Breton shelf: book review of Margaret Bennett, The last stronghold : Scottish Gaelic traditions of Newfoundland, 48-50

Chiasson, Anselme. Pere Anselme Chiasson: conversation and a family album, 1-8, 79- 92

Dennis, Jason et al. Ghost stories told by students from St Joseph School, 9-16

Fitt, Chris Grant. Lizzie Bell Grant: a family history, ifc, 44-7

Hodgson, Duncan M. Tunafishing in St Ann's Bay, 63-78

MacNeil, Stephen W. A little story, 60

Plessis, Joseph-Octave. Bishop Plessis' journey continues, 1815, 51-9

Tomas, Otis. Otis Tomas: making instruments and tunes, 33-43

Whitehead, Ruth Holmes. Kopit feeds the hunter, 61-2


No 57 (June 1991)

Black, Joe. Company houses in 'Kolonia', 29-34

Bourgeois, Charles (aLagode). La messe du revenant / Mass of the ghost, 67-8

Bredbury, Josie Matheson. From Breton Cove & Boston, Part 2: conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury,35-50

Cranford, Paul. Michael Coleman: a Cape Breton - Irish connection, 83-8

MacDonald, Norman. The Cape Breton shelf: book review of John Lorne Campbell, Songs remembered in exile, 56-9

MacDougall, Gordon. Gordie MacDougall, boxer: my life, 1-14, 89-104

MacNeil, Mickey. Mickey MacNeil from Iona - ghosts, 60-7

Peach, LeRoy. William Y Porter & South Head Church, ifc, 52-5

Schwartz, Rose Claener. Rose Schwartz of New Waterford, 15-28

Storm, Alex. Alex Storm : treasure ship 'Chameau', 69-82


No 58 (August 1991)

Abbass, John. 'Who do you think you are? - Johnny Abbass?', 1-12, 88-96

Aucoin, Minnie. Minnie Aucoin of St Joseph du Moine, 13-30

Blatchford, Mary E. Letters from Beinn Bhreagh, 1891, 80-7

Cranford, Paul. Tunes from two new recordings: 'Billy MacLeod's testimonial' and 'Evie's toe tapper',32

MacAskill, John & Geordie. Oran do Shep - an Englishtown song, 63-8

MacEachern, Euphemia Malcolm et al. Wreck of the Hurry On - Judique, 70-9

MacNeil, Neil. Neil MacNeil and The highland heart, 33-6

McCormick, Mike. Mike McCormick: a little political tale, ifc, 53-4

Morgan, Robert J. The great famine in Cape Breton, 1845-51, 55-62

Roach, William. 'Parade of concern' for Sydney Steel - a conversation with Fr Wm Roach about the 1967 march, 37-52

Sampson, Stephen Patrick.The haunted railroad car at St Peters, 30-1

No 59 (January 1992)

Anonymous. Fr Fraser fightsfor the miners, 1909, 43-8

Barrington, Eddie. EddieBarrington: early diving years, 49-60

Cameron, Silver Donald.The great paper boat race of the world, 17-21

Hess, William. Paintings by William Hess, Inverness, 29-32

MacDonald, Donald (Norman) & Duncan MacLellan. Praise and dispraise of the rear & the shore,61-4

MacDougall, Mary Ann. Mary Ann MacDougall: seeing a droke, 71

MacNeil, Mungie. With Mungie MacNeil of Iona Rear, 1-16

Poirier, Alex. Alex Poirier, fisherman from Plateau, 65-70

Wilcox, Mae. Mae Wilcox,98 - poet from Big Lorraine, 33-42

Williston, Floyd. Johnny Miles wins the Boston Marathon, ifc, 75-80

Yazer, Jack. Dr Jack Yazer, citizen, 21-8, 81- 92


No 60 (June 1992)

Buffett, Peter & Ron Ingraham. Peter Buffett and the shark, 61-4

Doucet, Clive. Philibert goes to heaven, 41-4

MacNeil, Margaret NeilJames. Margaret Neil James - a love story, 1-10, 79-96

Marshall, Murdena. Murdena Marshall: Mi'kmaq godparents, 35-40

McLeod, David A. Cape Breton captain: a treasure!, 55-9

Pelley, Edith. Edith Pelley; William Davis's daughter, 45-54

Roach, William D. William D Roach, wood- carver, 69-78

Ross, Gladys Mary. How I got my nickname, ifc

Ruck, Winston. A visit with Winston Ruck, steelworker, 11-34

Stone, Arthur J. 'Catherine McPherson's inn' on a Richmond County road, 65-9

No 61 (August 1992)

Barrett, Clarence James & Hans Padelt. Two encounters with moose: 1) Clarence Barrett in the Highlands; and 2) A moose letter from Hans Padelt, ifc, 47-9

Ducharme, Mary Anne. Archie Neil, 27-9

Fitzgerald, Bob. From anight at Bob Fitzgerald's, 19-26, 84-92

Haché, Marcellin. L'enfant à la bonne compagnie, 31-40

Hornsby, Stephen J. The exodus, 78-83

How, Douglas. The voice of Cape Breton, 71-7

MacLeod, Edie. Edie MacLeod - her Glace Bay, 1-18

McPhee, Murdock J. Cape Bretoners who went away: Murdock Malcolm McPhee in Ontario, 41-6

Padelt, Hans. The Padelts chose Cape Breton, bc, 50-4

Sampson, Stephen Patrick. Stephen Patrick Sampson - my life, 55-70


No 62 (January 1993)

Burrill, Gary. Cape Breton voices from away, 71-2

Campbell, GG. Sydney's first love story, 63-5

Clark, Trueman. A visit with Trueman Clark, Gabarus, 37-44

Delaney, Joe. Joe Delaney and his scarecrows, 53-61

Fitzgerald, Winston.From Winston Fitzgerald's Classic Cuts, 50-1

Fraser, Dawn. From Echoes from labor's wars, 15-16

Gillis, Tessie. From'John R & Son' - a story in Tessie Gillis' book, The promised land,45-9

Joe, Rita. 3 poems by Rita Joe: 'The monk', 'The toddler boy from another age', and 'The dream wasthe answer', 62

MacMillan, AS. The Cabot Trail: a political story - a dream come true: story of the development of tourist industry in Northern Inverness and Victoria Counties, ifc, 66-70

Muise, George. Cape Breton draegerman at Westray: George Muise, New Waterford, 1-14

Murphy, Rev Charles. Fr Charles Murphy and Hong Kong, 73-88

Murphy, Herman. A visit with Herman Murphy, Ingonish, 17-26

Raeside, Robert. CB's geology: a talk on the rocks, 27-36


No 63 (June 1993)

Aucoin, Leo. Leo Aucoin, Acadian traditional singer, 37-52

Fraser, Dawn. 'Oh, you will not drive over Ben Verick? No, man, no!', 32-6

Gardner, Jo Ann. Jo Ann Gardner & heirloom gardens, 17-31

Knockwood, Isabelle. Selections from Out of the depths, 53-8

MacDougall, Allan. 'Isy our father dead yet?' - with Allan MacDougall of 'Hughie & Allan',1-16, 83-100

MacKenzie, Archie Alex. 'Tachraidh na Daoine far Nach Tachair na Cnuic', 76- 80

MacNeil, Beatrice. 'The family tree' - a story from Beatrice MacNeil's book, The moonlight skater,ifc, 74

O'Donnell, John C. New Waterford's explosion, 1917 - 2 songs from 'And now the fields are green',81-2

Pringle, Will. Visitwith Will Pringle, Richmond County, 59-73

No 64 (August 1993)

Battiste, Annie. AnnieBattiste: a Mi'kmaq family history, 23-42

Boudreau, Walter. Capt Walter Boudreau's story: Louisbourg rescue, 1943, & the sinking of theAngelus, 1-16

Caplan, Ron. Christy MacKinnon's Silent observer, ifc, 20-2

Haché, Marcellin. L'eau qui rajeunit / The fountain of youth, 59-66

MacDonald, Ray 'Mac'. A visit with Ray 'Mac' MacDonald: in honour of the 50th year of CJFX Radio, 75-92

MacGillivray, Don. Work poetry of John J 'Slim' MacInnis, 53-8

McPherson, Flora. Flora MacPherson's Cape Breton classic: Watchman against the world - a review and reprint of Chapter 9: 'The master's household', 68-74

Miller, Dr AW. Dr AW Miller: notes from a medical practice down north, 1906, 47- 52

Peters, Percy. The horse in the well, 17-20

Robertson, Ellison. From Ellison Robertson's new book, In love with then - from a review and achapter, 43-6

No 65 (January 1994)

Armstrong, Catherine Lavenia Isabell. Venie's letters to her dead, 1898, 41-6

Boyle, DR. DR Boyle ofWest Arichat - from a Richmond County diary, 1887, 47-55

Chiasson, Paul. Paul Chiasson from Cheticamp: working on coastal vessels, 9- 16

Creighton, Helen. 4 storiesfrom A folktale journey through the Maritimes, 33-9

Evelyn, Robin F. Shipwreckof transport 'Two Friends', 68-72

Gillis, Tessie. The daythe men went to town, 17-22

Leadbeater, Mildred &Tommy Basker. Johnny Wilmot, fiddler - 'Another side of Cape Breton',23-32

MacKillop, James C. Sheriff James C. MacKillop remembers - the hanging of Emmett Sloane, 73-84

McNeil, Sterling. Celebrating the Iona ferry & the opening of the Grand Narrows bridge, ifc, 56-8

Paterson, David J. More about the Louisbourg rescue, 1943 - from another shipwreck story, 72

Smith, Evelyn. With Evelyn Smith, Wreck Cove, 1-8, 59-67


No 66 (June 1994)

Chernin, Gayle. My Russian relatives, 13-24

LeBlanc, Leo J. A trek from Cheticamp to Pleasant Bay, ifc, 70-2

MacDonald, Michael. Wreck of the Dorcas & the Etta Stewart, 41-52

MacKay, Alfred P. From visits with Alfred P. MacKay of Big Harbour Island, 1-12, 63- 9

MacNeil, Joe Neil. Awkward Donald / Domhnall Clibisteach, 25-34

McPherson, Flora. The quest for Rev Norman McLeod - on the making of Watchman against the world,35-40

Morrison, Jessie. With Jessie Morrison of Cape North - a Cape Breton-to-Alberta pioneer, 73-96

Ross, Donald. DonaldRoss - a poet in Baddeck, 53-62

No 67 (August 1994)

Cameron, Silver Donald. Fearof fearing, 13- 16

Chisholm, Archie Neil. Linda MacLellan visits Archie Neil, 80-96

Dugas, Walter. Walter Dugas revisited: oxen & wood, ifc, 24-30

Farrell, Rita Heuser. The MacCuaig story: from Our mountains and glens: the history of River Denys, Big Brook and Lime hill (North Side), 59-60

Johnstone, James. Through an ocean storm to the Fortress of Louisbourg, 1760: from the memoirs of Chevalier de Johnstone, 49-55

MacSween, Fr Rod. Memories of Ironville, 17-23

MacRae [Haslam], Helen Fraser. Duncan 'Korea' MacRae, missionary from Baddeck, 71-8

Pottie, Gwennie Bennett. Gwennie Bennett Pottie of West Tarbot, 1-12, 61-70

Raeside, Robert. A geology walk up the Clyburn Valley, 31-48

Ruffman, Alan. The 1929 earthquake and the search for John MacLeod, 56-8


No 68 (June 1995)

Buffett, Clara. A visit with Clara Buffett, Glace Bay, 41-60

Campbell, Brian & AJB Johnston. The S & L train wreck at Mira, 1903, 62-4

Chiasson, Hyacinthe. Three Acadians on the ice, 33-8

Donovan, Stewart. A poem from Cape Breton quarry: 'Ingonish Intervale', 30

Grant, Doug. The great Aspy landslide - and the search for witnesses or memories, 31- 2

MacDonald, Daniel Alexander. A talk with Donald Johnny Murdock: the blind man's seventh son,17-29

MacDonald, Duncan H. Duncan H MacDonald's letter, ifc, 39

MacDonald, Stephen et al. 10 years! The story of the Cape Breton Summertime Review, 1-12, 69-92

Poirier, Val. Val Poirier, Poirierville: ghost stories, 65-8

Williams, Stephen. Misery at Louisbourg: aftermath of the first siege, 1745, 13-16


No 69 (1995)

Courtney, Effie. A letter from down north: the great Aspy landslide, 68

Creighton, Wilfred. Wilfred Creighton & the expropriations: clearing land for the national park, 1936,1-20

Currie, Kay. With KayCurrie, Westmount: a journal and conversations, 37-52

Currie, Sheldon. The GlaceBay Miners' Museum: from chapter five: 'The circus and the union' and fromchapter six: 'The picnic', ifc, 58-62

Fraser, Murdoch. Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu, 21-36

Hyde, Susan & Michael Bird. From Hallowed timbers: the wooden churches of Cape Breton,55-6

Leonard, George. George Leonard & the fish business, 69-88

MacNamara, Billy James. Strays from a conversation with Billy James MacNamara, 53-4, 56

Mleczko, Hilda. Hilda Mleczko of Glace Bay: keeping love's record alive, 63-8


No 70 (June 1996)

Caplan, Ron. The heroic rescue of the crew of the Kismet II, 31-6

Fergusson, C Bruce. John Cabot's landfall, 1497 - 'It WAS Cape Breton!', 53-62

Fraser, John Angus. John Angus Fraser and the wreck of the Kismet II, 19-31

Green, Sheila. From Sheila Green's God & me, 16-17

Haché, Marcellin. The mother's arms, 77-82

Joe, Rita. A selection from Song of Rita Joe: autobiography of a Mi'kmaq poet, 9-15

Landry, Frank. A visitwith Frank Landry, 91, of Isle Madame, 1-8, 83-96

MacEachern, Mary Ann(MacLellan). Mary Ann (MacLellan) MacEachern, 37-52

MacMillan, John Francis'Lofty'. More about Fr Donald MacPherson, 75

Murray, A Peter. The West Bay moose, ifc

Nugent, Joe. Joe Nugent,inspector of mines, ret'd, 63-74


No 71 (December 1996)

Anonymous. Gabriel Sylliboy becomes grand chief, 1918, 63-7

Barrett, Clarence. 'So how do you get the rope up?', 38-41

Caplan, Ron. My meeting with Red Dan Smith: a memory from the first 25 years of 'Cape Breton's Magazine', 72-4

Ingraham, Jack. Jack Ingraham, Neil's Harbour, ifc, 42

Littler, Mary Willa. Mary Willa Littler and 'The strangers' grave', 29-37

MacKinnon, Jonathan G. Voyageof the 'Vandora' to St Pierre: Turus na 'Vandora' gu St Pierre, 43-8

MacLellan, Theresa, Donald MacLellan & Marie MacLellan. Tunes from 'The MacLellan Trio', 28

MacMillan, John Francis 'Lofty'. 'Lofty' MacMillan: a taste of his life, 68-70

MacNeil, Joe Neil. Joe Neil MacNeil: a talk about tales, 49-62

Mauger, Ida. With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde, 1-10, 78-88

McPherson, GW. TheFoster revival in the Margarees, 21-7

Peters, Percy. PercyPeters and the sick horse, 75-7

Severance, Art, AnnieShepherd, Lloyd MacDonald, Marie Thurgood Williams, Charlie Thurgood & Lois(MacKay) Thurgood. The drowning of Murdock MacDonald, 11-19


No 72 (June 1997)

Anonymous. Big MacAskill: memories of Giant MacAskill, 41-6

Appleton, Howard. Howard Appleton tells about the filming of 'The Sea Riders', ifc, 53-8

Best, Tom. Ghostfishing: one voice from the east coast groundfish disaster, 35-8

Blufarb, Anna. Anna Blufarb's Second World War, 59-71, 73-8

Burke, Charles A. Irish convicts abandoned on Cape Breton's shore, 1788, 13-19

Cameron, Silver Donald. By any other name, 39-40

Cary, Violet. A taste of 'The Sea Riders', 53-8

Gardner, Jo Ann. A little taste of Living with herbs, 51-2

MacIsaac, Carmelita & Angus. A little visit with Ashley MacIsaac's parents, 21-33

MacKinnon, Don. Boxing's Sailor Don MacKinnon, 47-50

Marsh, William H. William H 'Bull' Marsh - still fighting, 1-12, 79-96

Marshall, Lindsay. 3 poems by Chief Lindsay Marshall, 20


No 73 (June 1998)

Barrett, Clarence. HowClarence Barrett trapped the fox, ifc, 46

Boudreau, Rev Daniel. Arare Acadian religious song, 72-7

Currie, Alex. With piperAlex Currie, Frenchvale, 29-45

Currie, Sheldon. Lauchie and Liza and Rory. From The story so far . . . a new book by SheldonCurrie, 25-7

Lotz, Jim & Michael R Welton. Fr Jimmy Tompkins in Reserve Mines, 62-4

MacDermid, Donnie. Donnie MacDermid of Margaree Valley: 'It could always be worse', 79-98

MacDonald, Alma. Alma MacDonald - a war bride in West Mabou, 11-24

MacEachern, Erika. Baboushka and the three kings, 70-1

MacIntyre, John A. Love letters from St Paul's Island, 47-8, 50-9, 61

Stanley-Blackwell, Laurie. Celebrating Isabella Gordon MacKay, 66-9

Tobin Michael. From visits with Capt Michael Tobin, coastal & gulf ferry captain, ret'd,1-8, 10, 99-108


No 74 (June 1999)

Barrett, Clarence. Clarence Barrett and the bears, 35-7

Caplan, Ron. High praise for Wild honey: a new book of 45 poems by Aaron Schneider, 37

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