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Page 13 - More About Doctor MacPherson

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/10/1 (5515 reads)

More about Doctor MacPherson Marv Belle Cameron, Margaree Forks: The first one to use the poison plaster (arse? nic} was Father John Grant, the fifth pastor in the parish of Broad Cove. He also had in his charge S. W. Margaree and West Lake Ainslie. He was ordained in Prance where he likely learned the Cancer Cure. John Grant was a Highlander, a big, able man who in addition to his priestly duties, treated cancer in his home and with his cane could stop a light. Soon after coming to Broad Cove he was fortunate to get a fine young woman named Mary (Ban) MacDonald, as housekeeper. Father Grant taught Mary how to make and apply the plasters. They were never without patients in the house and made no charge for treatment or board. Father Grant died at S. W. Margaree in 1867 and was buried in Broad Cove* Mary (Ban) married an excellent man, John MacPherson. John soon learned the treatment. They found they had to charge a small- amount for board. And John MacPherson went here and there removing cancers. When I was a child, he removed a growth from my father's lip. I remember the lump when it fell out it was a lump of raw flesh with a lot of little roots. It was a perfect cure. John and Mary (Dunvegan) had no family but they adopted a young relative, Danny (Ban) MacPherson. When Danny (Ban) grew up, he learned the treatment and went to the W. S. A. and trained as a nurse. When he came home to Cape Breton and began to prac? tise the Cancer Cure, he bought a house in North Sydney and married. He and his wife treated people and there is no doubt these people saved many lives. John Dan MacPherson. Dunvegan. 3rd cousin to Dr. Dan MacPherson. provided us with photographs; the group photograph is of the Fertilizer Factory at Dunvegan. 1910. Back Row; Dr. Dan B* MacKierson with the dog Carlo. Johnny Rankin. Lewis MacPherson (Dan's uncle). W. N. MacDonald. Dan MacDonald. Alex MacDonald and Rod MacPherson: seated; Angus Maclsaac. J. J* Gillis. Jim MacLeod. Sandy MacPherson. another Sandy MacPherson and Sandy MacIsaac* ->, - • ;??- • --M 'o''
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