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Page 3 - Guiding for Salmon on the Margaree

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1 (332 reads)

ing him, I was told that' right from old time fishermen--and good fishermen. They told me the first five minutes that your fish is hooked--he's never hooked better after that. Every move and every jump that he makes, that hole is wearing out--and then if he gets one fraction of slack, the hook is out and he's gone. Put everything that's in your gear into that fish the first five minutes; don't wait till you have him on twenty minutes before you start putting power to him. And you can't just haul him out. You'll break your gear to pieces. Look, this is what you have to have your fly tied on-- that's on 6-pound test. But the flexible rod and your reel, that's what's doing the work. A person would almost tell you that you were a liar, that you could never bring a 20-pound fish in with the like of that. But that's the way it's done. The rod is flexible, and every little jerk, the rod bends. And then there's the ten? sion on your reel, the drag on your reel-- I always put about a pound and a half pres? sure on the fish. I learned that from the old-timers. Just hold it steady at about a pound and a half. Then that fish will jump that high out of the water--4"feet I've seen them. Well, when he jumps like that, that causes slack and you've got to keep your rod up in the air. Because if you lower your rod down, he'll come out of that water and get his tail over that leader and it's broke. But if you keep the rod up, when he comes down, that jerk, the rod bends with it. (When do you give him the line?) Well, he'll take it. Whenever you feel that he's Guide Mose Murphy with John Casseboom and a 36-pound salmon. going out. Of course, there you go again-- you've got to have no less than 100 yards of backing besides your mainline. A 30- foot line and 100 yards of backing and a 9-foot leader. And the leader--I have them tapered from 15-pound down to 4--15, 12, 10, 8, maybe 6 and 4. I splice the leader together. 4-pound test--that's pretty weak. But I have caught salmon with 4-pound test on the 12-foot maple rod--and a homemade maple rod, that's pretty stiff. You've got to be mighty careful. No pressure. Very little. Because that rod is almost as stiff as that broom. Wouldn't do for a greenhorn to be trying to do that, you know. And as I said before, the longer you have him on, the greater your chance of losing him • and with a 4-pound test and that stiff rod, you'd have to be mighty careful. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE The Responsible Hunter. He is a great fellow to go hunting with. He Icnows how to handle firearms and what to do in emergencies in the woods. And he is fully aware of the consequences of shooting at power lines and insulators. He knows that disrupted electric service can cause serious hardships. The woods are safer for all of us when we go hunting with a responsible hunter. Should I go hunting with you? nova scotia power corporation Overlooking the Margaree Valley at the Junction of Route 19 and the Cabot Trail Spacious Rooms, Dining Room & Lounge. Golf, Swim? ming Pool, Camping. Fresh & Salt Water Fishing. P.O. box 550, MARGAREE FORKS, N.S. Canada BOE 2A0 or Phone (902) 248-2193, William F. Maclsaac, mgr. :ENTRAI AND EASTERN TRUST CX>Mf'NY SENIOR VfP PIAH IfyMi1re60wover this canl entitles yMi to some extra privileges. CEIMTRAL AND EASTERN TRUSTCOMPANY 225 Charlotte Street, Sydney 539-9210 (3)
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