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Page 4 - Guiding for Salmon on the Margaree

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1 (384 reads)

(Ever catch a salmon and he just comes in?) Aw, no. He'd have to be sick before he'd do that. No, it's go from you instead of come to you. And whenever they start to go, let them go. Let him run out because if you try to stop him he'll break your leader. They tire themselves. And when they start to get very tired, they start to come up to the surface; you'll see their fin come over the water. But they're still dangerous as long as they're on their belly. But if you see them getting over on their side, they're getting pretty slack. That's when you're landing a salmon at a beach, you'd just bring him in grad? ually. But when he's coming on his belly be very careful--he can still turn around and get away from you in a hurry. But if they happen to flop over on their side, he's pretty slack then. And the other thing, there's such a thing as dead water, there's no oxygen in that--you get a fish over in the dead water, he'll collapse a lot quicker than in the current. Even doc? tors told me that. If there's such a thing as dead water at all around that pool, get him in there. The current is where the ox? ygen is. All the pointers that I got in fishing-- it's a peculiar thing--it's from two Dun? cans. Mind you: a Duncan MacDonald and a Duncan MacKenzie. They told me all about the fish and what to do. And that Duncan MacKenzie, up the-Northeast there, he was an old Scotchman, of course. And witty. People used to get an awful kick out of him at the river. The answers he'd give. I'll tell you one. This call came to the Kilmuir Place. Fellow arrived and asked for Duncan MacKenzie for a guide. Usually at a lot of pools there's trees and bushes, and they got started some pool upriver. The first thing Duncan would do, when he'd see that you could cast--always get you started--then he'd rig up a place for him- Duncan MacKenzie and Lawrence Bennett self to sit down. This day he got this man started, said, "You be careful, don't get hooked in the t:ree." Duncan got over and barely had time to sit down when the fly was hooked to the tree. Duncan got up, got it out, looked at the fly--start him in a- gain. He just got back into his resting place and it was hooked again. Duncan wasn't saying anything. Got him going. The third time, Duncan couldn't reach it. He had to take the gaff and pulled the branch down and looked at the fly. Said, "It's good enough for another run yet." Next thing--bango--away to hell up in the tree. Duncan was 70-some years old, and he had to climb up in the tree. Get the hook and come down. It was all pretty well busted. "See here, mister," he said, "it's not a guide that you want, it's a monkey." Duncan MacKenzie. Good fisherman. He knew his business. It was from him and Duncan MacDonald that I learned. I started out with trout first. But like MacKenzie told a fellow who caught his first salmon-- "You're ruined for the rest of your life now." There's an awful terrific thrill in catching salmon, you know. V CampGill Lighthouse Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, Nova Scotia The Shop with the Answer to all your Lighting Needs. Phone (902) 79'-7251 Cabel. BRENNANS Telex 019-351'9 Night & Holiday 736-8'79 79'-3178 Brennans Travel Agency 158 QUEEN STREET, NORTH SYDNEY STEAMSHIP • AIRLINE • RAIL AND HOTEL .ACCQMMODATIONS (4) Resexvations: 564-6417 Eeatairing the fUel efficient Citation by General Motors. "Rates as low as or lower than our major competi? tors in this cityI" Where Canada's smart money rents its cars. Our U.S. affiliate is National Car Rental Miners' Village Restaurant We are fully licensed and we feature a complete menu from' sandwiches to full-course meals | In the setting of a turn-of-the-centur7 mining community adjacent to the Miners' Museum Complex 11 AM to 9 PM, Phone:.849-1788 QUARRY POINT, GLACE BAY
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