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> Issue 26 > Page 31 - Wrecked on the Cheticamp Coast, 1823

Page 31 - Wrecked on the Cheticamp Coast, 1823

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1 (277 reads)

and down it dropt, but it never bled a single drop; had I let it be a day or two longer, it must have dropped off of it? self. Charles Budrow took it and buried it in the garden with the other. On the 2nd of March, 1824, Joseph Chessong came for me with the priest's horse and carryall; I was put in and covered up. He said to me as we were going, "I shall keep ' you till the month of May, and take you to Pictou in my shallop." I said, "How far is your house off?" He told me five miles; the name of the place was Little River. Our road lay through the wood, and with driving over tree roots, it was sometimes fit to heave me out. We at length got there, and I was kindly received by all in the house; my legs were much swelled. The family consisted of two sons; one was mar? ried, and had two children, but not one of the family could speak a word of English except the master of the house, and he but very little. In these good people I found both a father and a mother; no son could be treated with more kindness than I was by this family....In this situation Edward Taylor lodged very near me, a man of the name of Christopher Temple, and another called Mitchell. The two last belonged to the crew of the Assistance. The people were always telling me, if my ankle bones were cut off, my legs would very soon be well; so I spoke to the mas? ter of the house one night, as I was get? ting my legs dressed, requesting him to cut them off for me. The old woman shook her head at this, and her husband told me the priest had given a very strict charge to them not to cut anything whatever be? longing to me, and I found they would not go against his orders on any account. I said, "If you will get me the saw, I will cut them off myself, or get Mitchell to remove the bones for me." He replied, "You may do as you think proper, but we will have no hand in cutting you: I will pro- People Helping People in Cape Breton tion 1 4 Let the staff of the Cape Breton Development Corporation help you build for the future on the Island. We helped a lot of people in the 1970's. The coal industry was revitalized, fish plants and fishermen aided, large scale marine farming was begun, small scale industry helped. We assisted craftspeople and farmers, tourist operators and saw? mills. We helped from Sydney Steel to Nova Scotia Forest Industries. We want to help even more in the 1980's. Call on us. We're here for you. At 539-6300 or Zenith 07763. THE CAPE BRETON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION YOUR INPUT IS OUR OUTPUT CAPE 'bretoners ARE ACHIEVING TOGETHER (31)
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