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> Issue 26 > Page 32 - Wrecked on the Cheticamp Coast, 1823

Page 32 - Wrecked on the Cheticamp Coast, 1823

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1 (295 reads)

cure you the saw to-morrow if possible." Accordingly, in three or four days the saw was obtained, and I sent for Mitchell and Temple, who came. Mitchell sawed one of my ankle bones off from the left leg, but he haggled it very much, (the women all ran out): it bled profusely, but that was soon stopped by the application of fuzball. The next night I got the saw; there was a piece of the ankle bone on the right leg, but the flesh prevented my cutting it all off. ...The time I was here, my legs being much inflamed, they applied dog-fish oil to them, and salve that the priest had re? ceived from Sidney. I found Mr. Duffice had been as good as his word, as he had raised a subscription in Sidney, and the French people were to have half a dollar a day for keeping us all. I told Temple to request Peter O'Quin to send me a bottle of rim to wash my legs with, and send the rest of the balance due to me in clothes or any thing else. He brought me the rum, and told me that Peter O'Quin said there was nothing more due to me; where I last lived the people had got the principal part of what was due.... I was informed that Smith, the pedlar, was gone with twen? ty men to try to get what he could from the wreck of our ship, in which he proved successful, and found several of the dead bodies of our crew, and buried them, put? ting a handspike with the ship's name branded upon it, which served as a head? stone. On Tuesday the 18th of May, Mr. Chessong informed me they were going to Pictou, and Mr. Blanchard was going part of the way with us. I was put on a truck and covered with blankets, which the kind-hearted old lady made me a present of. When I got down to the beach I saw my old shipmates Simp? son and Taylor, whom I had not seen for nearly six months; we were all put on board of different shallops, so that I had not the opportunity of speaking to them till we arrived at Pictou. My good old la? dy made the bed and got me into it, before she left me that night. After we sailed from Cheticamp, I found kind treatment from the hand of the good priest; he fre? quently gave me a little wine. On the 19th, at night, we put him on shore at a small village on the island of St. John's (Prince Edward Island); on the 20th of May we arrived at Pictou. The master of the shallops went to see if the merchants would allow us to be taken on shore; on his return he informed us that the mer? chants said they should have taken us to Halifax. All the shallop masters came on board, and said they were going to be worse treated than we had been by them. I enquired of Mr. Chessong who was the jus? tice of the peace there; he told me Mr. Smith. In the morning I wrote to him, and Mr. Chessong took the letter; he immedi? ately sent him on board to get the vessels under weigh, and come alongside the quay. He had us all conveyed to a house, and Doctor Johnson was sent to dress our limbs; he being the first real doctor we had fal? len in With. I was the first that he began to dress; he took out the remaining part of my ankle bone; it was very mouldy in the inside, having beeij, so severely fro? zen. I told him about cutting them; he Known for (>jality Products aixJ CarefU Service • Jewelery and Gifts MacDonald Jewelery Limiled 357 Charlotte St' Sydney - 864-6318 CO-OP DO-IT- YOURSELF Home improvement Centre ConpitiA ttfftitt of lumbtf. btrildkio tuppHM. ' on Trans'anadji Hwy. 5 mifei west of Baddeck • Swimming Pool • Laundromat - Camper's Store • Playground - Hot Showers • Full Hookups - Canoeing 295-2288 BADDECK - CABOT TRAIL KAMPGROUND We cater to the building public Component Homes & Cottage • - • CXKDP Building Sipplles Sydhey RDrtHaMtosbury 539-6410 625-2600 (32) Choice Red Brand Beef EaMr Gentleman Jim Fully Licensed Restaurant 7 DAYS A 1CEK at Sydney Shopping Hall D
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