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Page 41 - Bob Fitzgerald and the Big Fish

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/6/1 (286 reads)

to go the other way. He decided that he was far enough in. And one minute we were going along. And the next minute we were going the opposite way. All four boats. That fish--he started out for deep water. And we were nothing behind him, the same as we were only a feather behind him. And he straightened away. And I'll tell you that he started to make things hum. And he was putting on speed. And the other,.fel? lows decided it was time to chop clear. And outside, the two fellows behind chopped away. And we started to screech. I was screeching to Gordon to cut him clear, and somebody looked for a knife and we couldn't find one. And that rope was tied to a thwart--you know, the plank seat a- cross the boat--and he ripped it clear and took part of the engine house--but it ripped out and the end of it hooked under the stern as it was going. Hooked where it was decked over. And boy, the water was starting to fly over us, and I said to my? self, "We're going down." And Gordon jumped. He seized a hatchet. There was a hatchet by him--and he made a swipe at that rope to cut it off, that rope going out over the stern--and he missed it. And I thought to myself he would never have time for to have another swipe at it. And the water was flying over us, clean over us, and old Pearl was screeching and everybody was yelling, and Gordon went over his head once more and took one swipe at that, and that time he hit it. And boy, if he hadn't chopped that rope clear, we were going down. And we were doing about 18 or 20 knots steaming, and the water flying over us--and when he chopped the rope, we stopped so sudden that I went end over end, and there was one boat still fastened onto us and he came smashing into us. And I'm telling you, my friend, that it was a good job that he got that rope chopped off. Or if he didn't, I don't think that I'd be telling you the story tonight. Because I think we would have gone down that night and that would have been it. Be? cause that fish--we were nothing at all be? hind him. He just went on. He didn't mind those four boats behind him. He didn't mind those four boats behind him any more than That thing was 80 feet long, man. That thing would weigh 25 tons. He didn't know that there was anything behind him. lAnH what was it?) Well, I'll tell you. It may have been a shark--I've never seen a shark like it, and I've seen sharks off here 40 feet long. I was telling Alexander Dunphy--he fished on the Grand Banks many years--and he said he saw those fish down among the Virgin Rocks in the spring of the year, southeast corner of the Grand Banks, I forget what he called them now, (But Bob, why go after that creature at all--he was no use to you?) Well, you know, a fisherman is like that. Oh, yes. A fish? erman has got that streak of hellery in him. If he sees a fish, it doesn't make any difference, he'll try to get him. There's a certain amount of deviltry in everybody. And a little adventure. Miners'Village Restaurant We are fully licensed and we feature a complete menu from! sandwiches to full-course meals | In the setting of a turn-of-the-centur' mining commmity adjacent toThe Miners' Museum Complex 11 AM to 9 PM, Phone:.849-1788 QUARRY POINT, GLACE BAY A campaign is now un? derway to raise funds to rebuild the Miners Museum as a result of the tragic fire of August 19, 1980. Morrison's Stores Ltcll [7]K'!?g-lHome Hardware Glace Bay '"''1111 General Merchants Celebrating Our 100th Anniversary August 17 - 22, 1981 (Watch for Details of Celebration Week) St. Peters Richmond County, Nova Scotia BOE 3B0 MINERS' MUSEUM Anyone who wishes to make a contribution to the fund to rebuild the Miners' Museum can write to the Miners' Museum, Quarry Point, Glace Bay. Nova Scotia BIA 5T8. Tax receipts will be issued on request. Your contribution is critical to the success of this project. Because of the fire, only the Company House and the Company Store will be open from June 15 to September 4 10 am. to 6 p.m. (Al)
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