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Page 19 - Bill Daye: Stories for Susie

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/8/1 (227 reads)

ways on the horse's neck, and that's what was keeping him from swimming right. The weight of the deer was pulling the horse's head down into the water. He would come up and spout like a whale, then go down again, And it took me a hell of a job to keep a- way from his flying feet and get that deer up off of him and pull it in myself to the shore. While I was pulling the deer into the shore, the old horse had made his way in himself. Star knew that I could handle the job all right, so he didn't worry about it, He got a hell of a kick watching what I was doing out there. He said he knew things would come out all right. But if I got into real trouble, he would certainly give me a hand, I know that. Here is a story about a very unusual dog, a very lovely dog. A friend of mine told me one day, "There's a dog around the ship? ping piers that must have come off a ship-- she's been there for a week--I'11 bring her up if you will take her." I said, "Sure I will take her." So I got this dog. She looked similar to a small police dog, only her ears were hanging down half like a rabbit's hound, but not so long. Well, you talk about a beautiful dog. I called her Pinky on account of the queer shade of colour that she had. So one day I gave her her dinner, and I said, "Hello, Pinky"--I would always say, "Hello, Pinky"--and she would wag her tail. So this day I said, "Hello, Pinky." She looked at me with sort of a smile on her pleasant face, and she said, "Hello." I said, "What did you say?" She said, "Hello." And ever after that, you talk to that dog, she would say, "Hel? lo" to anybody. Sometime when she'd get ex? cited chasing a rabbit, she would begin howling, "Hello, hello, hello"--and the rabbit would go three times as fast. So this day, anyway, I went hunting rab? bits with her. There was one rabbit, she was chasing him and chasing him and chas? ing him. It was getting late in the after? noon. I couldn't get a crack at him. At last I got a shot at him, but I crippled him. I waited out on the truck. Pinky was chasing the rabbit. God knows how far that rabbit went. It was just about dusk when I sat in the truck. I said, "Pinky will be back." She came back and there was some? thing sticking out of her mouth. And when she came to the truck, she put the rab? bit's head on the running board of the truck and looked up at me with a sort of a smile--"I got him for you." What is NEW DAWN ENTERPRISES? New Dawn is a community economic development corporation serving Cape Breton Island and we undertake a diversity of projects which benefit our community. HOUSING, FINANCIAL COUNSELLING, SENIOR CITIZEN SERVICES, COMMUNITY INFORMATION, VOLUNTEER RESOURCE CENTRE, COMMUNITY TELIDON PROJECT, BUSINESS CONSULTANTS. If you would like more information on the activities of New Dawn, or if you have a project in mind, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss it with you and assist in its realization. Phone 539-9560, 539-9561. Cape Breton's Only Stained'' '' Glass Supplier 'u'/i/ • • 6 'tefiaiu .$ • Ucn<' 'uUcm 'o'' 4i 'iisniwcM 9'1 9' • ln • ',jy.9! 539 300i Island View Restaurant 756-3300 Unique Year Round Dining - Reasonable Prices Eel Dishes * Ethnic Favourites Seafood * Char-Broiled Steaks & Chops Friday Evenings; Ethnic Cuisine & Cape Breton Music TRANS-CANADA HWY, WHYCOCOMAGH MICMAC INDIAN RESERVE ANTIGONISH SHOPPING MALL. ANTIGONISH. N.S. THE INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE SERVING CAPE BRETON ? EASTERN NOVA SCOTIA LOCAL HISTORJES.GENEALOGIES AND PICTORIALS GAELIC BOOKS A FULL LINE OF ARTIST'S SUPPLIES LUIRGEAN EACHAINN NILL FOLKTALES FROM CAPE BRETON COLLECTED BY M. MACDONELL AND J.SHAW (19)
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