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Page 20 - Bill Daye: Stories for Susie

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/8/1 (231 reads)

She was very, very sensible. Another time, I had one of her pups, Buddy--I was train? ing this little pup to hunt, and I had him a few times in the woods. So this day I took Pinky, his mother, out with me. And Pinky was chasing this rabbit, chasing this rabbit--I couldn't get the rabbit. I couldn't even get close to where he was. So after awhile Pinky stopped barking. I said, "I think she ran him into a snare or something." So she landed back with the rabbit. She had the front shoulder and one foot of the rabbit. She put it down in front of the little dog that was setting by me watching, thinking. What the hell is Pinky making all this noise about? and was kind of scared to leave me. And the little dog started eating the rabbit. He ate up, lapped it up like he was starving to death. Pinky gave him a few licks on the face and a little bump with her head, as if to say, "Come on, boy." He went right with Pinky and in half an hour's time, he was on a rabbit himself. She gave Buddy the first lesson, and he turned out to be a very good hunter. Well, that is a very, very sensible dog. I don't know what it was she died of. And the doctor that had been operating on her now and then, he said, "You'll never cure that dog of that sickness. It will come back and come back and come back." So, she was laying in the cellar. I was feeding -#e'.'- i''c her at last with water, little bits of stuff--she could not eat. She was about on her own, her end. So I said one day, "Pinky, I'll pick you up from the cellar upstairs. I'll take you out in the yard. Now you go and look over the hill behind the house where you have been hunting the rabbits, and have your last look about it." I said, "And that would satisfy you." So Pinky came up. She went over the brook. She walked up around the hill, came back home, went in the house, laid down. The next day she had passed away. Welcome to a World of Services that suit you It's a great feeling to belong to a credit union. You and your feUow members have the say in how it is run and the financial services it provides. No wonder over 9 million Canadians now belong. They've seen the big difference it makes to be treated as a member, not a number. Check it out. There is strengrth in working together. My Credit Iftiion means MEMBERSHIP NOTNUMBERSHIP PRINCESS CREDIT UNION LTD. 154 Main St., Sydney Mines (736-9204) NORTH SYDNEY CREDIT UNION LTD. 210 Commercial St., North Sydney (794-2535) STEEL CENTRE CREDIT UNION LTD. 340 Prince St., Sydney (562-5559) SYDNEY CREDIT UNION LTD. 95 Townsend St., Sydney (562-5593) 1164 Kings Rd., Sydney River (539-1684) NEW WATERFORD CREDIT UNION LTD. piummer Ave., New Waterford (862-6453) GLACE BAY CENTRAL CREDIT UNION LTD. 57 Main St., Glace Bay (849-7512) COADY CREDIT UNION LTD. West Ave., Glace Bay (849-7610) INVERNESS FILENE CREDIT UNION LTD. Inverness (258-2045) PORT HOOD CREDIT UNION LTD. Port Hood (787-3246) PORT HAWKESBURY CREDIT UNION LTD. Reynolds St., Port Hawkesbury (625-0190) RIVER BOURGEOIS CREDIT UNION LTD. River Bourgeois (535-3101) NORTH ISLE MADAME CREDIT UNION LTD. D'Escousse (226-2722) ST. JOSEPH'S CREDIT UNION LTD. Petit de Grat (226-2288)
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