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Page 72 - Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (207 reads)

Fisher's Wedding Reel Perth Assembly Another group of strathspeys and reels: GEORGE I. TAYLOR • this was written by J. Murdock Henderson, who com? piled a book called The Flowers of Scottish Melody. Winston and a few other fiddlers were using it exten? sively in the '50s and '60s, so many tunes are floating around in Cape Breton from that collection. Like every other tune, almost, Winston's put little differences • he's made melodic changes that suit his style. Winston's style is very articulate. It's got a lot of swing. Swing because of the dance • it's a dance style. At the same time, he's more polished than your average dance fiddler. "Polished" doesn't really get it. He has a lot of finesse. When he puts a tune together, he's thought it out, he's worked it out. He goes through the book and then he uses his ear. He knows what he's doing. His gracings, his fingering • very in? dividualistic, the types of trills and stuff. It's difficult to notate Winston's style • we're getting the bones of what Winston really would do here. I've marked a few trills and things in here and there. I've tried to mark some intonation differences by the use of arrows, where he's playing notes a little bit flat or a little bit sharp • that brings out the flavour of the tune. I've put in grace notes. But all these things are not things that should be thought of as dogmatically right or wrong. They are things that Win? ston did, and did on this particular recording. George I. Taylor Stratlispey J. M. Henderson "'"''r'-;rrrjic'Q''ir riffrrrrr njfrrri>r '.'1.1-'' IL Blue Heron Gift Shop v7b00KS, GLASSWARE, FIGURINES, WOODENWARE, CRYSTAL r' Gifts for All Occasions BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 VoguB Cleaners Prince street, Sydney * Quality Same-Day Dry Cleaning * SUEDES REPAIRS '4#i%. Skipper John's 'w.A x'<' Licensed Dining Room and Lounge DANCING UNTIL 2 A.M. ''''''S SEAFOOD * STEAKS * FAMILY DINING ?I5H'!' 411 purves Street (794-8100) NORTH SYDNEY NEXT TO THE CN FERRY TERMINAL ~ HERE TO HELP- ??lie OIl|tliren'0 Aih 'amtyi of (Hupt Ircton ' JITED WAY SERVICE AGENCY" THESE ARE SOME COMMUNITY SERVICES: (72) INTAKE information, problem identification, & appropriate referral i'or service PROTECTION home visits, support services, & crisis intervention to maintain adequate child care Suite 7, Provincial Building 360 Prince Street Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 5L1 HOME STUDIES custody reports, social histories for other agencies, private adoption reports ADOPTIOTM placement of children of all ages in permanent homes SINGLE MOTHERS FOSTER HOMES information, counselling, selection & support of support, & assistance in temporary & long-term decision-making during homes for children in pregnancy care of the agency CHILDREN IN CARE individual counselling & support services for children in care of the agency 71 YEARS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE TO CAPE BRETON ISLAND President: IVIr. Robin B. Campbell Executive Director: Mr. Cyril Reddy
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