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Page 73 - Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (349 reads)

The MARQUIS OF HUNTLEY is one of Marshall's tunes that Winston has subtly rearranged to his ovm liking. What was said earlier about gracings and just colouring the tunes • it applies to all these tunes, to GEORGE I. TAYLOR, to MARQUIS OF HUNTLEY, to the reel COL. MACBEAN. COL. MACBEAN is a very old reel. It's in the oldest collections, in the 1750s. I've also heard it played as a strathspey in Cape Breton. Marquis of Huntley All the tunes in this article are available on the Celtic Records album "Winston Fitzgerald and the Radio Entertainers" (CX34). The pictures of Win? ston alone (back cover) and with his band are cour? tesy the Abbass Archives. The photo of Winston with pianist Mildred Leadbeater is by Len Lead- beater, 1951. This record contains all newly recorded tunes by three of Cape Breton's finest fiddlers, including such numbers as Mr. Able Banl
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